What to present to the child of three years for birthday

What to present to the child of three years for birthday

When invite to birthday to the child often there is a dilemma that to present to it. Even those who have children feel not necessarily when choosing a gift. I provide several councils in this article that it is possible to present to the child at the age of three years.

General rules

  • If there is an opportunity to consult to the child's parents concerning a gift is the best option. Specify at them what cartoons or movies are watched by their child to whom it imitates. Perhaps, the child's parents will tell you what specifically their kid wants to receive for birthday, and will save you from difficult process of the choice.
  • If there is no opportunity to get advice of parents, then avoid banal and obvious gifts which lie on the very first shelves in the Toy Store on which the second month there is a sale, you see kotor in the hands passing by kids. Most likely, the birthday boy to whom you want to buy a gift has such toy too.

Gift for the boy

  • One of the Lego sets. There is for every taste also a budget. The age is always specified on packing. It is better to follow strictly age marking since it means the level of complexity of a toy, its assembly and size of details. Release sets and under different movies (for example, IronMan) and the famous animated films. It is a lot of ""malchukovy"" subjects.
  • Main thing as close as possible to the real car externally. At the age of three years the plastic color machines are not interesting any more, there is a wish ""as at dad"" or as at the main character of the favourite movie.
  • Set of the mechanic where there are a hammer, a drill, the screw-driver and everything, everything that dad has and what so the son wants to play it.
  • The tablet is option of expensive gift. This unambiguous hit in the purpose with a gift. But, not all parents will be glad that their child had such device. Surely try to find out their relation to such gift in advance.

Gift for the girl

  • Sets for creativity: from plasticine, various appliques, drawings on stained-glass windows. If the girl assidious, then she estimates such gift.
  • Dolls, doll lodges, clothes for dolls. It is better to choose not otchestvenny ""sweeties"", but modern Baby Born, Bratz, Barbie, Winx.
  • Set for the doctor. Now sets with a phonendoscope, plastic syringes, various flasks for drugs are on sale.
  • Sets of children's cosmetics. Surely famous checked brands that it was safest for the child.

Universal gift

The most universal gift is a book. The good book and to the kid will be pleasant also to his parents.

I recommend several options:

  • Sets of the School of Seven Gnomes series.
  • Books by Rotraut Susanna Berner.
  • Irina and Leonid Tyukhtyaevykh's books from the Zoki and Dietary Supplements series.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team