What to present to the child on the second anniversary

What to present to the child on the second anniversary

Time as if flies, your child grows up. And here came it is time to think what to present to it on the second anniversary. A question this not idle time, each parent wants both to surprise and to please the kid. And still the gift has to be useful, interesting.


1. When choosing a gift be guided by the knowledge of what can be pleasant to your child. You it is aware of his preferences, bents. Therefore you will be able to define what gift will interest the kid.

2. Anyway a good gift on the second anniversary - toys. It can be the meccano, puzzles. They develop mental capacities and are safe, silent games. In the same category of gifts it is possible to carry also a set of multi-colored cubes.

3. As a rule, children like musical toys. Therefore you can present to the tot on the second anniversary a toy electric guitar or the machine with sound effects. Also the kid can like the piano complemented with volume images of the animals making the sounds characteristic of them when pressing.

4. For creativity it is possible to carry felt-tip pens to gifts. Having presented them to the two-year-old child, take care also of existence in the house of albums, notebooks for drawing. And it is possible to organize a special board on which the kid will show the abilities of the artist, using pieces of chalk.

5. Of course, there is a lot of options of gifts on the second anniversary. It both tricycle, and musical book, and set of toy ware or tools. To choose to you. The main thing - the gift has to be safe and interesting to the child.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team