What to present to the girl for ten years

What to present to the girl for ten years

Ten years for the girl - important date. The holiday and gifts have to leave a bright impression.

At this age at children there are a lot of interests and hobbies. If you do not know what to present, read a selection with the ideas of a gift.

To needlewomen

For little skilled workers the children's set for an embroidery will be a pleasant gift, it is possible to add set with a frame for future picture. Young seamstresses will like to make a soft toy or a doll by means of set for sewing. It is possible to weave bracelets and a charm out of beads.

To artists

Set for drawing with good paints, brushes and pencils will be suitable for artists. Choose qualitative pencils and paints, them it is pleasant and easy to draw. Supplement a gift with the book about drawing or a coloring by numbers.

Children's cosmetics and accessories

Teenage cosmetics will please fashionistas. Spirits with a light aroma, lip gloss, nail varnish, an original pocket mirror, bath foam and care cosmetics well looks in a nice, capacious make-up bag. The original ring, a watch or a pendant will become the beautiful and memorable gift.


Sets for carrying out experiments will please any informative child. The birthday girl will be able to make chemical experiment, to consider fine details in a microscope, to create perfume, to weld soap or to grow up a crystal.

To bibliophiles

The girls loving will be pleasant to read the informative encyclopedia, the collection of popular stories or modern literature, age-appropriate. Add a gift with bookmarks with beautiful registration.

To sportswomen

Lovers of sport will be enraptured with the bicycle, rollers, the self-balancing scooter or the scooter. The badminton play set or towns will be suitable for outdoor games.


The presented certificate in children's shop, will give to the child the chance most to choose to itself the pleasant and necessary gift.

Gifts the hands

Not always there are time and an opportunity to get a gift, you should not be upset. It is possible to collect a gift:

  • The card made with own hands, decorated with tapes and bright stickers;
  • bouquet from favourite candies and chocolate;
  • picture with the photo of the birthday girl;
  • balloons;
  • hairpins, brooches and rims with original registration;
  • the personal diary with a lock or the questionnaire for friends;
  • video congratulation on photos and wishes;
  • the drawing embroidered with the hands.

That you should not give:

  • Expensive gadgets (if purchase was not in advance discussed);
  • clothes, the size can not approach or will come not to taste;
  • doll and plush toys, at this age of the girl play them a little;
  • expensive jewelry, they can be lost and do the girl is more adult;
  • objects for school, children and so have study, not all will be glad to such gift.

All girls different, as well as their desires. If you want to guess with the correct gift it is worth learning about hobbies, tastes and the interests of the birthday girl in advance. Having presented usual, but favourite chocolate, you will be remembered as the sensitive and attentive guest.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team