What to present to the tutor in kindergarten

What to present to the tutor in kindergarten

For a New Year's holiday, March 8, anniversary or a graduation party in kindergarten can be given gifts to tutors. And it not only a tribute of tradition, but also a way to express the gratitude for care and education of children.

Tasty gifts

As a tasty gift a set of green or black tea, coffee, box of chocolates or cookies will be suitable for the teacher of kindergarten. Follows previously, to specify preferences of the teacher. Usually tasty gifts give by March 8 and New year.

Cosmetic sets

Let's not forget to remind favourite teachers that they are charming women and we will present them sets on hair care, means for a shower or perfumery sets.

Goods for the house

If you give gifts to two teachers at once, give preference to gifts of one cost. Also do not forget about the nurse, she helps your kid on an equal basis with the tutor too.

Work of the tutor is very not simple therefore he needs to relax. It is possible to present the aromalamp with a set of oils. Also the desk lamp or a sconce with soft light will help to create the atmosphere for rest. All this will help to relax and cope with a daily stress. Choose to the tutor a plaid or a cushion which will call her for rest. Besides, it is possible to choose ware as a gift: teapot, coffee or tea sets, fondue pot. Or home decoration: vases, pictures, photoframework.

Gift certificates

Not always it is possible to guess with taste of a gift for the person whom we want to congratulate. An opportunity to choose it the gift certificate gives the chance: visit of beauty shop, of movie theater or bookstore.

Expensive gifts

On final tutors are given, as a rule, the most important and expensive gifts. Thereby parents express gratitude for care and education of the kids. The technology facilitating house work can become a good gift: electric kettle, microwave oven, multicooker or blender.

Whatever you chose a gift, do not forget to add it with a bouquet of flowers and kind and warm words. The words of gratitude and a wish told by you it is more important than any gift.

If you have an opportunity, then it is possible to present to the tutor the good printer, with a possibility of printing of photos and methodical materials for group. One more magnificent option of a gift - a jewelry: rings, pendants, brooch or chain. Such gift will remain for long memory, gold - the most valuable, not getting out of fashion gift which is very much loved by women.

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