What to read the child of 3-4 years

What to read the child of 3-4 years

Modern children obtain a large amount of information by means of television and the Internet. But not always such information on age of the preschool child. At the age of 3-4 years it is necessary to impart desire to listen and read books, including, showing on own example. The main thing to choose good works.


Will draw attention of children of the book with an audioinsert, stickers and tasks.

It is no secret that kids very much like to listen to verses because of melody of sounds. It is much easier to remember them because of a rhyme, having heard familiar lines, the child reproduces continuation of the poem in the memory. And process of learning forms any memory. 4 years of life will be suitable for children short rhymes, it will be possible to choose longer works by children's poets Agniya Bartho or Samuil Marshak a bit later.

Fairy tales

Fairy tales have instructive character. In them the main characters meet difficulties and enemies from whom it is necessary to be protected. To show on the example of favourite fairy tale characters how to get out of any given situation, so to lay the foundation of behavior of the child in the future. Teachers recommend to read fairy tales: "Three pigs", "Snow Maiden", "Mitten", "Kolobok" and "Geese swans".

Stories about the nature, plants and animals

Stories about life of forest inhabitants, the wild nature and unusual plants bewitch not only adults, but also absolutely little readers and listeners. To learn a lot of interesting about insects, birds and animals it is possible in books by such authors as Bianki, Paustovsky, Prishvin,

For children of 3-4 years it is possible to buy the book by A.V. Aleksandrova. The big encyclopedia by the preschool child, in it materials for studying mathematics, English, the world around and other objects are collected.

From modern writers - N.N. Drozdov "Pets" in two books. This book will be useful if the kid wants to get a pet. In it the most important, how to look after them is told about the most popular animals, their types, and. The person of improbable kindness and openness, Nikolay Nikolaevich tells a simple language and clear even to the small child. The story is accompanied by bright illustrations of pets. Besides, this book can be an excellent gift to the preschool child for a holiday.

Magazines and books based on modern children's animated films

Each kid has a favourite animated film which he watches on TV or on a disk, names of the main characters already became a brand. It is possible to find magazines about Fixicles with interesting experiments and stories about the equipment and electronics in sale and about Smeshariki with the developing tasks for kids. Based on the animated film "Masha and Bear" the illustrated books are published. The kid will lack one summer that to re-read all this.

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