What to smear stings of mosquitoes to the small child with

What to smear stings of mosquitoes to the small child with

Small children transfer stings of mosquitoes much heavier, than adults. It is caused by both psychological, and physical factors. To help to get rid of an itch it is necessary to the child by special methods, considering at the same time many features of an organism of the kid.

Features of a children's organism

Stings of mosquitoes are dangerous to the child not only by the probability of entering of an infection, but also less serious consequences. The itch in the struck area of skin can spoil substantially mood even to the most friendly and obedient kid. The place of a sting constantly scratches, reddenings hurt and bring discomfort. Because of it at the child the sleep, an abyss appetite can be interrupted, irritability will appear.

Besides, children's skin is much more gentle, than at the adult. Stings of mosquitoes can not pass for a long time. It is connected first of all with a way of life of the child. Children constantly contact to sand, plants, animal therefore the probability of pollution of a wound is very high.

How to remove the naggers

The most effective remedy of disposal of an itch after a sting of a mosquito is special children's spray or cream. It is possible to buy such means in any pharmacy. The main thing what it is worth paying attention to is an existence on a mark bottle that medicine is intended for kids. Similar means are issued for prevention of mosquito stings. Their main goal – scaring away of insects from the kid. Aerosols and cream are considered as the most convenient medicines in application. Only the spray drop on a hat of the child can save it and you from sleepless nights and sufferings. On sale there are even special bracelets from mosquitoes which babies can put on. If there are no special means near at hand, then it is possible to take off unpleasant effects broth of a calendula or juice of a lemon. Well tomato or onions helps to struggle with an itch. Simply grease the struck place with a segment of the cut fruit, previously having removed pollution from skin if they are. Facilitates an itch usual soda. It is rather simple to part one teaspoon of powder in a glass of water and, having moistened a cotton tampon in liquid, several times a day to process traces of stings. It is in addition possible to make a compress of the kneaded parsley leaves. As a last resort, it is possible to smear places of stings with usual kefir or sour cream.

Allergic reaction

If the small child was bitten by mosquitoes, then along with measures of disposal of an itch, it is necessary to examine affected areas of skin. The fact is that among kids very widespread reaction to stings of insects is the allergy. If the itch does not pass within several days, and reddening extends on skin, then it is necessary to ask surely for the help the expert. The accompanying symptoms of allergic reaction – nausea, vomiting and temperature increase of a body have to be alarming.

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