What toys are necessary to children in 11-12 months

What toys are necessary to children in 11-12 months

By the end of the first year of life the child already strong costs on legs and takes the first steps. At this age the baby actively learns the world around, and with it it is helped by toys. Playing, the child develops therefore during this period of development of the kid the choice of toys has to be especially careful.

What is interesting to the child in 11-12 months?

At this age everything is interesting to the kid. If he already learned to go, then does it constantly. This new ability opens for it the mass of opportunities: now he tries to reach everything that can get. He is enough all on the way and tastes it. Therefore the child unguarded cannot be left.

In this period there is a breakthrough in physical development of the baby. It likes to overcome obstacles. For example, to climb up a sofa, to climb under a table. This feature can be used in the organization of games for the child.

The tot begins to listen to various sounds, also he likes music. This suitable time for development of musical abilities. In this age period the socialization of the child begins to happen. It is shown that the kid is interested in behavior of adults. He copies their behavior, sometimes provokes conflict situations to observe reaction. Parents are followed about it by the nobility and not to give in on provocation.

With what toys to occupy the kid?

At the age of 11-12 months the child likes everything that moves. He tries to set in motion even what should not move. Therefore it will like various machines which can be pulled for a tape, walkers, wheelchairs, carriages. Many children are enraptured with a ball which can be thrown, to kick, and then to watch how it slides and to catch up with it. It is possible to offer the kid multi-colored cubes. The child at this age is already capable to build of them towers. Parents can join in a game and help the kid to study colors. For example, it is possible to build red, yellow, green, blue towers. For a long time various musical instruments can occupy the kid. Such toys also develop ear for music. The child can like the first role-playing game, joint with parents, with soft toys or dolls. Such toys can feed, put to be bed, driven on walk. On them it is possible to study parts of a body and a face. And, of course, the kid will estimate books with colourful illustrations. It is desirable to offer the child cardboard or fabric copies – they will serve longer. Not all children at this age are ready to listen to reading adults, but pictures will consider with the great pleasure. Join in childish sports, help the kid to learn the world. Remember that the child's brain up to three years is capable to acquire any information easily. Use this ability now, and at you the clever kid will grow up!

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team