What toys are necessary to children in 6 months

What toys are necessary to children in 6 months

After five months the children become extremely lively, they try to creep, sit down, are in surrounding reality actively interested. At this age to them early still to say goodbye to rattles, but time to learn new entertainments already came. By a half-year of the kid, psychologists recommend to acquire a certain set of toys.

Rattles, balls, rubber animals

At this age more difficult rattles with unusual forms and handles become interesting to the child. They have to be interesting to be taken, developing fine motor skills. Recently soft rattles in the form of animals or dolls are popular. Often they have a built-in pocket mirror or the sewed massage peas that will give joy to your kid.

Rubber toys squeakers will become ideal option for a bathtub. The child can already sit in a bath, but just it is already boring for it to wash. It is much more interesting if nearby the small fish swims, the duck or a frog, moreover, it will expand children's idea of the world around. Qualitative rubber toys are easily pressed and exactly float.

For the creeping kid it is very important to have the moving, riding toys. They help the child to master his first way of movement – crawling. It is good to buy the usual machine of the average size or a horse on wheels. Surely buy balls – they have to be bright, the different sizes, such that them it was possible to roll and ride. At the age of 6-7 months the kid with great pleasure plays hide-and-seek, likes to find and hide. It is possible to cover with various rags toys or the person, periodically disappearing and being shown. The mothers who are engaged in creativity can make of different fabrics the developing rug which will help the child to study different sounds and materials, for example, percussion, rustling, rolling of peas.

The developing toys

At this time it is possible to acquaint the baby with his first book. At the beginning it has to be rather thick that the child could taste it, with large pictures and the minimum quantity of the text. Perfectly "Turnip" and "Riaba the Hen" will approach. Will be to the taste to the child and big colourful cubes. It is possible to construct of them by means of mom a tower, and then to destroy it. In the same way it is not possible to arrive also with pyramids, the kid will be able independently to bring together her, and here will begin to give ringlets with pleasure. The pyramid should be chosen with the steady basis and wide openings under rings. Well lego toys will approach. Also it is possible to carry the simplest sorters, balls moving on arches to the developing toys suitable the six-month kid slopes for balls. Choose the simplest toys with the minimum quantity of details, the large size and a simple, plain form. As soon as the child learns to cope with the acquired "razvivayka", it is possible to pass to more difficult. The majority of similar toys is created by experienced teachers therefore they not only are capable to occupy the kid, but also stimulate fast intellectual development.

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