What toys are necessary to children in 8-10 months

What toys are necessary to children in 8-10 months

Correctly picked up toys not only will allow to occupy and distract the kid, but also form a number of skills. Before goes to shop, remember that your kid is able. By 9 months the child surely sits, can independently lay down, gets up, grasping surrounding objects, and goes, adhering for a side of an arena or furniture.

We reveal "secret"

Choosing toys for 8–10 months, you remember that the kid actively acts not only big, but also a hand forefinger. He will can do thinner movements, there is a development of fine motor skills. Different boxes with covers which will open and be closed from above, sideways or way of pushing through will become the excellent exercise machine. The form of boxes in this case is not basic. That the kid a long time was interested in such toy, choose those which have the attached covers, only such the little opener can close.

It is a high time to think of the first car. The speech even not about car per se, and about ability to move. It is very good if except wheels it is equipped with various levers.

New view on a spinning top and a pyramid

8–10 months – time are loud to knock toys therefore in an arsenal the spinning top has to appear. Of course, it is not that design which is known to much from Soviet period. Modern producers created special "children's" spinning tops which rotate in a dome, without carrying out movement. Existence of the big button from above which pressing starts a sound and rotation by all means will please the baby. Real "crime" if you have no cubes and a pyramid. The first pyramid has to be small on 3-4 rings. Pay attention to a midstream, it has to be thick and stupid and also recorded on a wide basic unit. It is better to take cubes the average size, made of plastic and empty inside that the fan to be left did not wound itself. Wooden designs with letters and figures are still irrelevant. In an arsenal two balls have to appear: small which will be located in the child's palm, and more which he will be able to throw two hands. Coordination of thin movements in many respects depends on that how often the kid will perform operations on threading and immersion of various objects. Stock up with safe boxes, baskets and elements of manipulations.

"Thanks, is not necessary!"

Temporarily it is necessary to postpone in a distant box figurative toys: machines (not as object of the movement), dolls, role sets. The child will not be able to build a plot "the doll bathes" or "the bear eats". The main thing for the baby is to master them physically and to accumulate experience of action with various objects. Therefore be not surprised that the kid tears off wheels at the machine, disassembles in parts the bright spacecraft or crawls a doll on a floor, it is bewitched watching how she blinks eyes.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team