What toys develop motility of hands at children

What toys develop motility of hands at children

To develop fine motor skills, or, otherwise, ability of the child to own the hands, it is necessary. Everything begins with the earliest childhood, with "Pat-a-cake". Later buy to the child the special developing games. Being engaged together with the son or the daughter in a mosaic, a molding, collecting models from the designer, parents develop thereby intelligence of the child.

Communication between structures of a brain and motility of hands – the known scientific fact. Psychologists in kindergartens and schools surely pay attention to dexterity of children's fingers. What more child is able to do by hands, that high probabilities that he will study well. It is necessary to develop fine motor skills of the child constantly and since his birth. Now in shops the huge choice of the corresponding toys, games and grants. But also our great-grandmothers successfully were engaged in development of children though they sometimes did not realize at all for what they did it.

Finger-type games

For certain all have in memory children's humourous catchphrases "Forty - a crow", "Pat-a-cake" and others. What is done by mom or the grandmother when touches, kneads, bends-unbends fingers on an infantile hand? Trains fine motor skills. Though everything looks as trifling occupation, meanwhile, it brings pleasure and benefit to the child. Slightly the child will grow up, and mom seats him near with herself when she is engaged in economic affairs. The child touches various things, feels their roughness or smoothness, plays with saucepans, spoons, tries to put something inside, to get something. And it is very important classes for the kid too. There are special finger-type games. Many books which easily can be bought in bookstores are devoted to this subject. After the words of simple rhymes the child together with the adult puts fingers in a certain order. It turns out cheerfully and it is useful for children's development.

Finger-type games or gymnastics for fingers are held surely in kindergartens and schools. It is good preparation of a hand for the letter.

When children become more senior, acquaint them with adult classes. Girls begin to be engaged in needlework. Work with a crochet hook is very useful. By the way, it is quite good to knit it turns out also at boys. But they usually like father's tools more: hammer, file. Coordination of movements is as a result fulfilled, hands become more and more skillful.

Special games for development of fine motor skills

Today there is a lot of toys and games for development of fine motor skills that it is sometimes difficult to stop attention on something one. For absolutely small kids the various objects which are inserted each other are on sale. These are traditional pyramids, matryoshkas and also the games made by Montessori's principle. Among the first toys and various lacings, their choice too rather big. Playing, the child in passing gets acquainted with the size, color and a form. And also studies self-service. One more of widespread board games – a mosaic. As details of this game quite small, recommend it for children after three years. Though children are younger can cope with a mosaic, constant control is only necessary from adults.

Some parents complain that the child is not interested in the developing games at all. However all these games are calculated not on an independent game of the child. Obligatory participation of adults is necessary.

It is worth carrying to the games developing fine motor skills also cubes, puzzles, various designers. It is useful to be engaged in a molding, the benefit of a lack of plasticine is not present now. It is possible to choose plasticine of desirable quality and color. If it is pleasant to mold from more natural materials, it is possible to choose clay or salty dough. Children very much love such classes along with drawing. It is unlikely it is possible to list all toys and games developing motility of hands in small article. It is only important to remember that such games are necessary for all children. From that how skillful will be the child's fingers, development of his speech and intelligence depends.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team