What toys to give to the child after a year

What toys to give to the child after a year

At children of the second year of life the sharp jump in intellectual and physical development is observed. Those toys with which the kid with pleasure played the first 12 months gradually lose relevance. The games and toys developing attitudes of the one-year-old child, logic, speech behavior move to the forefront.


1. On reaching the child of 12-14 months the parents should reconsider a house arsenal of toys. And business at all not that any rattles will become uninteresting to it now. Perhaps, the kid plays with pleasure them. The speech filling up the child's stock with those toys which will help it to develop coordination, motility, the speech, logic and other skills. Most of children at the age of 1 year already take the first steps. Various toys wheelchairs can be necessary for the child for development of coordination of movements and balance. Up to 1.5 years it is preferable to buy wheelchairs with front management. The kid can lean for the handle which is at height of his breast and to keep in case of falling. The wheelchair has to induce the child to go, so, it is necessary that it contained the elements making sounds or moving in the course of movement. It will be interesting to child to watch them, pushing the wheelchair forward. For physical development of the kid balls of the different size and degree of spring ability, rugs with a relief surface will also be useful for prevention of flat-footedness, the hill and a short flight of stairs.

2. Children of the second year of life begin to imitate adults actively. At them interest in objects which parents use in life and to movements which they make wakens. For development of household skills and motility of hands it is recommended to get the toys, being analogs of real household objects, for example, kitchen ware, dolls and corresponding for them large accessories (clothes, hairbrushes, a pacifier, etc.), toys for a sandbox (shovels, scoops, a rake, watering cans, a sieve), children's phone, rods for catching of magnetic puzzles or nets for catching of small fishes from the bathroom.

3. For the child the developing toys of different forms, the sizes and flowers, but the having common features or appointment are necessary for development of logic, color and volume perception. It is about various pyramids, cubes, a mosaic, matryoshkas, etc. Experts recommend to get the same toys of the different size and made of different material. The child, touching glasses or a pyramid from plastic and wooden rings, forms idea of purpose of objects, their flowers and volumes. Various toys sorters are especially interesting from this point of view. They represent a certain capacity or a box with openings of a different form and the inserts suitable to openings which are applied to it. The child needs to find what opening the insert approaches. At first such toy can seem to the kid difficult therefore the correct actions have to be followed by the words of approval from parents, inducing the kid to continue a game.

4. On the second year of life it is necessary to stimulate a speech development. The child gets the main vocabulary through communication with adults. At this age various books with pictures and comments of the parent on them, the sets of pictures, figures of animals making sounds, audio recordings of verses, songs, various nursery rhymes and finger-type games are interesting to it. Try to make so that the child participated in your story. Ask questions of what he just heard. Accompany reading books with sounds and gestures.

5. Creative abilities of the child at the age of one year develop various finger-type paints, felt-tip pens, pencils, sets for a molding. Such games will help adults to spend interestingly time with the child and contribute to the development of perception of colors, textures, forms. Also the electronic musical instruments, graggerses, penny whistles and toys making sounds are interesting to children on the second year of life. As a rule, such objects cause wild delight in the child.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team