What types of children's behavior cannot be disregarded

What types of children's behavior cannot be disregarded

To be a parent is at the same time both great, and is difficult. On shoulders the huge responsibility lies: to bring up formed and adapted for human life. And during this process it is not always clear to parents how to behave with the child. Let's consider 4 types of children's behavior which cannot be disregarded.


Perhaps, it is the most widespread problem. Also there is it most often because of the aspiration to avoid punishment and fear of authoritative parents. Can also be prerequisites of deception the need for attention or receiving the desirable.

Decision: first, it is necessary to consider age of the child. Children up to 7 years have rich imagination. Therefore you should not forbid them to exaggerate something or to compose (if, of course, it does not harm the relations with surrounding people). If the child is more than 7 years old, then he should explain concepts of honesty and trust. At detection of deception of the child it is necessary to punish adequately that offense did not become the norm. 


When the kid appears the witness of some bad, unfair situation, can keep silent intentionally about it. And at it it is several reasons: fear of possible troubles, desire to teach a good lesson someone or fear to pass for the talker. Everything depends on circumstances. But, anyway, the purpose does not justify means here.

Decision: parents need to talk to the child and to explain a difference between an honest act and concealment (or garrulity). The main thing not to condemn the child, and to listen to him and to try to solve in common a problem.


Psychologists claim that the child appropriates others for two reasons: a lack of attention from the family and friends and the low level of morality and will.

Decision: if the act is already made and published, then it is very important to parents to keep calm. For a start it is necessary to learn what became motive for the child. Then it is necessary to ask to return the stolen thing and to think up the corresponding punishment. It is optional to resort to a belt, but the child has to understand accurately that consequences of theft are unpleasant. It will prevent emergence of a habit.

Bad manners

Quite often parents are surprised to how their children behave at a table: champ, twitch, twirl by the head, play with food. At a meeting with adults they do not greet, constantly climb in a conversation, hnykat. Such bad manners of the child force to redden and worry.

Decision: the kid since two years needs to explain the basic rules of behavior in society, in particular, at a table. If he constantly is capricious and hnykat, take him by hand and ask to wait, the adult conversation will not come to the end yet. It also should impart elementary manners of politeness. To speak "please" at a request, "thanks" when receiving a gift. To greet at a meeting and to say goodbye when parting. If the impudent behavior repeats, it is necessary to deprive of the child of certain privileges: for example, to sit down at a table when parents already ate or to cancel a habitual visit of amusement park.   

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team