What types of parental hyper guardianship exist

What types of parental hyper guardianship exist

Some parents, being guided by the principle "a lot of love does not happen", suppress the children not only tender care, but also constant control and protection. Various factors can act as the reason of such hyper guardianship (hyper patronage): fear of loneliness, feeling of disappointment in love, uncertainty, mistrust to the child, desire of the power, repetition of history of own childhood. However the similar way of education bears many negative consequences for development of the child.


1. Types giperopeki1. Indulging – all is authorized to the child and even more. The child is put in "the center of the Universe", its comfort, health and wellbeing on the first place, and the interests of other family members do not undertake in attention. To the child do not make any demands, the bans, punishments. Any whims of the kid are immediately executed. Parents inspire in the child that he is a genius, the best. Of course, not easily it is necessary to such child in kindergarten and teachers at school will not close an eye to a permissiveness position. Peers do not favor spoiled too. When the child is not able to meet expectation of parents, emotional frustration, complexes, the underestimated self-assessment will follow.

2. 2. Exacting – nothing ever is impossible. The child is under constant observation, parental control. It has a set of obligations for the house, in study, in various after-hour sections. "You are obliged" - most often the child should hear. On the slightest step the child has to report to parents and perfectly obey requirements of adults. Uncertainty in the abilities, lack of initiative, lack of own position, isolation, limitation in communication with others. At teenage age the child realizes the unfair address of parents and begins to revolt against their power.

3. Parents be attentive, showing love and guardianship for the children. On you the duty to bring up, but not to "break" lies. Protect the children!

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