What value bears each stone

What value bears each stone

For certain, in a casket most of women has jewelry with natural stones, and many do not think of the magic force of these products. It is very precipitate. Though, at first sight, stones seem cold and silent, they are capable to have certain impact on the person.

Experience of ancestors

A lot more centuries back people paid attention to unusual properties of natural stones. They believed that each stone possesses the live power promoting fulfillment of desires, protection against troubles and evil forces, a protection with envy and other troubles. Besides, they considered that the stone is capable to have a great influence on the fate of the person. Was considered that the stolen stones have negative properties, and bought – positive. Over the years jewelry with stones became mascots, gave them and descended. Nevertheless, was forbidden to give someone in use the mascots, even for a while.

Also stones were widely applied to treatment. For example, in Mesopotamia the sorcerers treated by means of the hot stones laid in a certain way on a human body. In general power and medicinal properties of natural minerals were actively used by Romans, the Japanese monks and the American Indians.

Now the scientists adhering to power information approach consider that adverse external effects, as well as the majority of the internal pathogenic processes influencing negatively a human body, reason and consciousness can be neutralized by means of fields of crystals and metals. Coming into contact with a stone, the energy radiated by it causes certain vibrations in cages and tissues of a human body. There is a continuous power exchange. What it will be, depends on power structure of a natural stone which differs in each separate case.

Magic properties of some stones

The science astromineralogy is engaged in studying interaction of natural stones and people. So, scientists managed to find out the following interesting facts: - diamonds symbolize strong and eternal love. Not accidentally they are often used at production of wedding rings; - sapphire, as well as diamond, is a fidelity symbol; - rubies symbolize passion, force and vital energy. It is often chosen by the courageous people who are not afraid to throw down a challenge to destiny; - the emerald grants to the owner fertility and hope; - topaz promotes aggravation of an intuition and helps to banish a lie from life of its owner; - turquoise is designed to protect the owner from intrigues of enemies, negative energy and bad forces; - aquamarine symbolizes a pacification and tranquility. Pomolvochny rings with this stone will help with maintenance of harmony in the house and strengthening of this union.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team