What vitamins are to pregnant women

What vitamins are to pregnant women

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Pregnancy – the special period in the woman's life. In its organism there are serious changes connected with formation and development of a fruit. Considerably the need for the vitamins and minerals necessary for normal activity of mother and future child increases. Medical statistics demonstrates that the vast majority of pregnant women is not received with food of all necessary useful substances therefore they need to be accepted in addition. And what vitamins are especially necessary for pregnant women?


1. B6 vitamin, or a pyridoxine is necessary for women. It is one of vitamins, the most important for pregnant women. It is necessary for synthesis of amino acids from which, respectively, proteins, representing main "construction material" of a human body are synthesized. This vitamin K to the same stimulates blood formation. Besides, it softens manifestations of toxicosis and has soothing effect on nervous system that is very important, one of the main side effects of pregnancy causing big problems to both future mother, and her relatives – the increased nervousness, irritability. At last, B6 vitamin prevents development of caries which is suffered by many pregnant women. This vitamin is especially important for future child because it contributes to the correct development of his brain and all nervous system. Need of the pregnant woman for this vitamin, in comparison with the woman who does not expect a baby, about 30% more.

2. Also the woman has to accept B9 vitamin, or foliyevay acid. This substance provides formation of fabrics of a placenta and also blood vessels in a uterus. Therefore the lack of B9 vitamin can lead to premature termination of pregnancy. Besides, folic acid is necessary for normal development of nervous system of a fruit and also for process of cell regeneration in a maternal organism. During pregnancy the need for B9 vitamin increases approximately twice.

3. It should be noted also B12 vitamin, or group of kobaltosoderzhashchy biologically active agents (kobalamin). It is especially important to provide an organism with this vitamin B the first period of pregnancy as its deficiency worsens development of the impregnated ovum and can lead to an abortion.

4. There is also a vitamin E, or tocopherol. This substance plays a large role in providing the correct metabolism and also protects an organism of mother and future child from influence of free radicals. However it is necessary to take it with caution, at all without exceeding the dose registered by the doctor, otherwise the risk of development of cardiac diseases in a fruit increases.

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