What weight the child has to have

What weight the child has to have

Weight is one of the most important indicators of health of children. Weight violations can arise owing to any diseases. For example, as a result of stressful situations the child can sharply recover or instantly lose weight. Also, one of risk factors is violation of the healthy and balanced nutrition. So experts recommend to control the body weight of the child and periodically to weigh him.


1. Weight indicators at boys and girls in many respects differ. Healthy girls have, as a rule, a weight slightly less, than at boys. Even newborn boys and girls are in different weight category. Pediatricians removed standard weight indicators of boys and girls from the birth up to 10 years. The deviation from the average standard indications given below will testify to a weight imbalance to which parents should draw close attention.

2. For newborn girls acceptable weight weight in 3200 grams is considered. For six-month-old - 7300 grams. In a year the weight of the girl has to be about 8900 grams, and for one-and-a-half-year-old 10000 grams will be the best weight indicator.

3. Two-year-old girls weight have to have about 11500 grams, and in two and a half years it has to reach 12500 grams. And parents have to understand that decrease in rate of set of weight is norm for this period.

4. By three years the weight has to be girls of 13900 grams, and in three and a half years has to reach the level of 14800 grams. In four years the standard weight has to be 16100 grams, in the following half a year the child will add 100 grams a month, and in 5 years the scales will show 18000-18200 grams.

5. To school the child will gain up to 22 kilograms and such weight will hold on to the second class when at eight-year age the stable standard increase on 100-150 grams a month is started over again. The nine-year-old girl it has to have 28200 grams, and for ten-year-old - 31900 grams. At an indicator in 38 kg the doctors fix obesity, all the rest – within norm.

6. For newborn boys 3400 grams are considered optimum weight, children weighing more than 4 kg at the birth automatically get into risk group and are on control at the patronage sister. In general, big weight at the birth is not considered sign of health, and therefore large fruits are always examined more attentively, appoint additional researches.

7. By 6 months the kid will gain 7600 grams. At one-year-old boys the weight indicator has to reach the level of 10000 grams, and at one and a half-one-year-old it has to make 11300 grams.

8. In two years the scales have to show about 12600 grams, and in two and a half years - 13700 grams. Three-year-old boys weight have to have about 14,800 grams, and in three and a half - 15600 grams.

9. In four years 16400 grams are considered as norm of weight, a year and a half the kid will gather the subsequent on 150-200 grams a month, and at the five-year-old boy the weight has to be 18300 grams, and at six-year-old - 20400 grams.

10. The first grader of 7 years has to weigh ideally 22-23 kilograms, and in 8 years – 25.5. For the nine-year-old kid the most optimum weight are 28 kilograms, and at ten-year-old 31 – 32.

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