What wheels happen at a carriage

What wheels happen at a carriage

It is difficult to do without baby carriage if you have a kid aged up to three years. That to choose it, it is necessary to consider a number of nuances. From what model you buy, that will depend, how comfortably to you will operate it and also it will be how convenient to the child. The quantity, the sizes and quality of wheels when choosing should be considered too.


1. Most often shops offer carriages with four wheels, is more rare – with three, but happen also to two, six and even eight. Besides, wheels for carriages differ with the size and material – is polyurethane foam (monolithic) and rubber (inflatable).

2. The size has znacheniyechy more than the sizes of a wheel, it is better for those. Wheels wear out quicker than other details because they interact with the road. The small sizes it is more preferable if it is about compactness. For example, you want to buy a carriage cane which in folded form will not take a lot of place, - it has to have small wheels. But big wheels provide the smooth course and good maneuverability, especially if they are inflatable. Therefore in case there is no need to save space, it is worth giving preference to the second option.

3. The quantity not less vazhnobolshy part of carriages is equipped with four wheels providing good passability on snow and sand. Steps in public places are equipped with the double-track descents intended especially for four-wheel carriages. Three-wheeled carriages have two wheels behind and one in front, they look much more nicely and more compactly than four-wheel analogs, also they are more maneuverable. Such carriages can pass even on very narrow footpath if to raise back wheels for the handle. Them both on sand, and on snow to push quite conveniently, however stones, snags and pools should be gone round. Therefore three-wheeled carriages best of all will be suitable for use in city conditions. Carriages also meet two wheels, though it is very rare. They are very maneuverable, it is easy to operate them, however if not to put such carriage on a special support, it will fall when you release the handle. Carriages with six and eight wheels are steadiest, but on sand or snow they cannot almost be rolled.

4. Type of a kolesakoles are also divided into inflatable and monolithic. Carriages with inflatable wheels possess the best coupling with the road, it is more convenient to drag them on a ladder, however such wheels should be pumped up periodically the pump which goes in a set or bicycle / automobile. And if there is a puncture, the camera should be stuck for what it will need to be taken out at first from a tire. To monolithic wheels punctures are not terrible, however their depreciation properties leave much to be desired and in winter time they not really well proved. Front wheels at carriages with monolithic wheels, as a rule, can rotate to the right-to the left that gives some increase to maneuverability, however in an impassability of roads it is difficult to operate such carriages, and in winter time it is better to block rotation at all not to lose control.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team