What woman's names suit a name Sergey

What woman's names suit a name Sergey

Name Sergey in translation from Latin means "highly respected". This name comes from a patrimonial Roman name of Sergius. The difficult character of Sergey not always allows it to choose the correct companion of life from the first.


1. Sergey grows painful and weak, he brings upon parents a lot of trouble. In process of growing he becomes stronger, tries to do sports. By the beginning of the teenage period in its character courageous lines are fully shown, he prefers to act, seldom gives in to sentimental emotions, but at the same time has ability to empathy.

2. Sergey proves to be as the conscientious worker. He keeps promises, follows rules, he is not required to remind twice of need something to make. Usually he keeps the opinion on surrounding people around. His main hobbies are the cinema and music. Sergey quite often is engaged in amateur performances or devotes the life to creative career, choosing professions of the composer, the actor or the artist.

3. With the relatives and the family Sergey is very compliant and appeasable, he always cares for the parents. Among the friends and families tries to behave so that to touch or not to offend anybody. Sergey prefers to solve the problems alone, people around usually and do not suspect that at him something happened.

4. Sergey is attracted by tender and quiet women, vainglorious and vulgar persons are uninteresting to him. He enough willingly takes part in economic affairs. In spite of the fact that it is in most cases ready to concede in a dispute to the spouse, in important questions argues the point of view up to the end.

5. In general, from Sergey very good family man turns out, the truth he needs to meet friends from time to time. When he feels such need, can leave the wife alone, despite her objections. Often because of it in family there are conflicts. Children mean in Sergey's life a lot of things even if marriage broke up, it surely finds a way to see regularly children, supports them until they find independence.

6. Sergey suits women with soft names. Most likely, the successful union will develop between Sergey and Galina, Valentina, Elizabeth, Irina, Nina, Lyubov and Rimma. In this case partners will not suppress each other energetically that will allow them to cope with the conflicts and quarrels quickly.

7. Sergey should not enter into the relations with Larisa, Vera, Beatrisa and Akulina. These names bear in themselves too tough power which clashes with vibrations of Sergey.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team