What woman's names suit a name the Novel

What woman's names suit a name the Novel

By scientists it is proved that accord and coincidence of vibrations in names positively influences their relations with each other. A certain type of men suits only a part of woman's names. Cases when the person meets the people possessing identical names say that between them there is a certain compatibility. This principle is based on a subconscious attraction. The harmony and happiness in the relations can be reached only between couples which names coincide on a sound row.


1. The name the Novel came to us from Latin and in translation ""the resident of Rome"" means. Such woman's names as Elena, Anna, Claudia, Valentina, Maria, Lyubov, Sofya, Maya are ideal for Roman. He is amorous and easily changes women if marries, then late enough.

2. Roman and Anna together enjoy life and accept it such what it is. They have no large-scale and far purposes, they aspire only to what it is easy to reach. Couple is united by care and the help to close people. The personal relations and family life at Roman and Anna on the first place. If in this couple there are disagreements, then maintaining sincere arrangement and the world nevertheless remains. The spiritual bond between Roman and Anna remains even then when they leave.

3. In the union Roman-Valentina remains a reality to traditions, they are united by commitment, diligence and vigor. In the love relations at them everything is quite quiet, and here as for business – here they are successful. They are capable to place priorities, to plan the time and to organize work of others. The fields of farming, construction and finance will be ideal fields of activity for them.

4. Occult sciences, philosophy and magic are present at the union Roman-Lyubov. Adoption of the fast decision for them – difficult test. They got used to go to the purposes, sometimes even strange for other people. Roman and Lyubov do not aspire to the power, wellbeing and glory. Approaches any business of steam creatively. Roman and Lyubov's union is irreplaceable in medicine as they are able to endure, sympathize and alleviate others suffering.

5. Roman and Maya together care for relatives, seek to help them. They do not strive for the big goals. Family life and their relations with each other is important for them. This couple can quarrel, but preserve at the same time the peace and harmony. Roman and Maya overcome the external factors putting pressure upon them together. The spiritual bond in this couple is very high.

6. Roman and Maria – adventurers. They aspire to adventures and knowledge of new. Something attracts them to each other and unites that forces both to thirst changes. To them expansion or change of sphere of activity, moving to other city or the country and the beginning of new life as they do all this together are not terrible. There is no stability in the relations, but there is no monotony also. Care of the future for Roman and Maria recedes into the background. Importance of communication, useful acquaintances and ability to influence people gives the chance to couple to achieve success in business.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team