What women are preferred by Dmitry Dibrov

What women are preferred by Dmitry Dibrov

The famous journalist and the TV host Dmitry Dibrov has reputation of very amorous man, and his private life is constantly discussed by the whole country. It is interesting that Dibrov does not consider himself the lady-killer. He claims that all its novels were based only on love, and he married only those women whom he could present near himself until the end of life.

To understand what women are preferred by Dmitry Dibrov, it is necessary to walk according to his love biography and to remember all companions of the popular TV host.

Private life of Dmitry Dibrov

Dmitry Dibrov had four official marriages. The son Denis and the daughter Lada were born in two first at him. Dmitry got acquainted with the first wife Elvira when he was 21 years old. The girl was younger than it for two years. They when to Dmitry was 23 got married, and their marriage existed three years. Marriage with the second wife, Olga Dibrova, lasted seven years.

The third wife of Dibrov, Alexander Shevchenko, was younger than him for 26 years. Official marriage with it lasted less than a year. Couple divorced in January, 2009, and in March Dmitry married Polina Nagradova. Now spouses live in a country house and bring up two sons.

What women are pleasant to Dmitry Dibrov?

All women of Dmitry Dibrov – very young, with good figures, effective and able to keep in society. Features at the former passions of the TV host – correct, expressive: all have an attractive face form, beautiful big eyes, seductive lips. Dmitry mentioned in a talk about the former passions more than once that they at first sight submitted him the beauty and grace. Two last passions of the TV host are much younger than him: the penultimate wife of Dmitry was 26 years younger, and the age difference with the present wife makes 31 years. Dibrov does not hide the attitude towards women of mature age: according to him, many of them are not capable to approach the relations with that sincerity and passion which has to be present at married couple as interferes with them negative experience of the past. One more common feature of all women of Dibrov, both former, and real which is evident at once is a charming smile and vivacity in a look. On any photo each of his companions smiles so sincerely and openly that at once it becomes clear how she managed to win heart of this esthete. And all women of Dibrov look naturally – any of them is not similar to cold "doll" with a faultless make-up, but without live gloss in eyes. At the same time, it should be noted that in the interviews Dmitry mentioned more than once the main purpose of the woman which consists in the birth of children. Though the TV host at all not against the woman did career or was engaged in creative activity, first of all she has to be the good wife and mother. So, it is obvious that Dibrov would not choose the partner who seeks to create outstanding career in the companion of life, and of creation of family and children thinks in the last turn. Therefore it is possible practically from full confidence to tell that Dmitry Dibrov likes women not just beautiful and self-assured, but at the same time realizing the feminine and ready to fully realize themselves in family.

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