What zodiac constellations suit topaz

What zodiac constellations suit topaz

Topaz — a beautiful transparent stone. It can be colourless, golden, blue, pink, lilac or even multi-color. Depending on a shade the stone performs different functions.


1. Topaz suits four zodiac signs — to Lions, Arieses, Sagittariuses and Capricorns. The people born under these signs differ in obstinacy, even in obstinacy, a large amount of vital energy and flashes of rage. Topazes of different shades help people of these zodiac signs to find harmony and steadiness.

2. Golden topaz helps to be exempted from dangerous and violent passions, it gives feeling of pleasure life, saves from hatred and anger. Golden topaz considerably accelerates regeneration of body tissues, improves work of internals. This stone remarkably reduces stress.

3. Blue topaz has too property to improve regeneration of fabrics. It promotes strengthening of a thyroid gland (with it often there are problems at Lviv and Capricorns), calms emotions, protects from insomnia and some serious mental illness.

4. Any topaz has medicinal properties. It is the best of all to carry it put in order in silver on a neck. It helps to cope with asthma, aggravates taste, softens epileptic seizures. Carrying topaz at chronic diseases significantly improves efficiency of treatment.

5. In the ancient time topaz was often called an enlightenment stone. He gives ability to look at life with optimism, adds internal freedom that is very important for conservative Lviv and Arieses. In India still golden topaz is considered a stone of the help and friendship, before it called a stone court as was considered that topaz helps to receive favor of the governor and brings wealth. Topazes were used as mascots by ambassadors and diplomats as it simplifies communication with other people and promotes mutual understanding emergence.

6. That the stone completely disclosed the "social" properties, it needs to be carried in a gold ring or a ring on a forefinger of the leading hand. It is possible to look for a gold bracelet or a pendant with this stone. It is necessary to remember that topaz in silver shows the salutary properties, and topaz in gold - "diplomatic". It is possible "to include" the necessary properties of a stone very simply — to replace a chain, however, enough in this case topaz has to be issued in the form of a pendant, and the system of fastening have to be made of neutral metal.

7. You should not confuse true topaz and smoky quartz as the last brings dangerous illusions to life, promotes emergence of prophetic or false prophetic dreams and absorbs negative energy. Lions, Arieses and Sagittariuses, but not Capricorns as this stone acts on them podavlyayushche can carry smoky quartz.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team