When advanced age begins

When advanced age begins

Life expectancy constantly grows, and together with it the number of people of advanced age grows. And not it is possible to call each pensioner the elderly person.

When does the old age begin?

The old age begins when the ability to reproduce posterity is lost. The organism weakens, health spoils, mental work worsens, reactions slow down. In the majority of the developed countries the old age is defined by the number of the lived years. This period is connected with retirement: about fifty five years for women and sixty years for men. Of course, these figures are conditional, both the genetics, and a way of life, and accommodation conditions play a role.

The people who lived up to ninety years are considered as long-livers.

What occurs at advanced age?

From the beginning of advanced age most of people feel well – there are forces, health, life experience, good appearance. In spite of the fact that the person constantly changes both externally, and internally, after all there are signs on which it becomes clear – here he came - advanced age.

Children become independent and make the families. Parents, if they are still alive, already grew old, they need support and care more, than ever. Also it is necessary to reconsider the relations in marriage, to find new points of support. Physical signs of aging – a gray hair, wrinkles are noticeable. At women the climax begins, they are afraid that they will become sexually unattractive for the husband. However the changing appearance usually does not disturb the reliable partner, it is far more important to retain cheerfulness and interest in life. The healthy lifestyle and healthy nutrition are capable to remove signs of aging. At advanced age there is a revaluation of values, the person is already not so ambitious, he understands that any heights will never manage to be reached.

How not to grow old ahead of time?

In many sources the opinion meets that natural life expectancy of the person about hundred - hundred twenty years. Of course, all living beings grow old. But some in fifty years go having been double up, with a bunch of chronic diseases, and others and in eighty are vigorous and vigorous. To be healthy and to prolong productive life, is necessary not so much: to eat, get enough sleep, refuse properly addictions and to do sports. The sedentary life brings closer advanced age for ten years. It is also necessary to train constantly the brain – to learn something new, perhaps, to learn foreign languages, to read books. It will help to reduce risk of development of senile dementia. Each person can live up to advanced age healthy and productive.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team