When at babies color of eyes changes

When at babies color of eyes changes

Often, parents when the child appears, first of all peer at his eyes, guessing to which of them the kid is similar. However right after that as the baby was born, to define whose eyes at it it is impossible. To be necessary to note that native color of eyes at children appears much later.


1. For the first year of life at children color of eyes can change several times, and up to three months in most cases it in general cannot be defined. At the baby the visual acuity is very low, approximately at the level of feeling of color, but with age it gradually increases and by a year reaches a half of level of visual acuity of the adult.

2. In the first days of life of the child the sight can be determined by reaction of its pupil to light. But on the second week it begins to fix a view on certain objects for several seconds. The sight will be recorded only on the third month of life of the child, to half a year it will be able accurately to distinguish figures, the family, toys, and in a year – even drawings.

3. The skin shade, hair color and color of eyes entirely depends on existence in a melanin pigment organism. In most cases at kids in the first months of life of an eye have light blue or light gray color as in an iris of the eye of babies there is no melanin at all.

4. In process of development of the child color of eyes begins to change, it means that its organism began to accumulate melanin. If color of eyes darkens – enough when become gray means melanin in an organism, blue or green - the pigment is not enough.

5. For all the time of development of the child color of his eyes can change several times. It means that the amount of melanin changes in the course of development and growth of the baby. Generally color of eyes completely accepts the final color only by three or four years of life of the child.

6. The amount of the contained melanin in an organism can be also caused by heredity. The reason of it domination of signs at the genetic level is considered. The kid can receive them not only from parents, but also from distant relatives.

7. Sometimes children are born with the phenomenon called heterochromia giving to children of an eye of different color. Also children albinos meet reddish eyes. In case in an iris of the eye absolutely there is no melanin, color of eyes is defined by the blood which is contained in vessels of an iris of the eye. Cases when people to light eyes in the period of a disease or a severe stress have a change of their color are known.

8. Around the world it is impossible to meet any expert who could draw the conclusion about what color your kid will have eyes with an accuracy. Yes, probably, it not the main in life, the most important that your child developed healthy and beautiful, and looked at the world around kind and cheerful eyes.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team