When at children milk teeth drop out

When at children milk teeth drop out

Change of milk teeth with constants is considered very important stage in development of the child. There comes this period aged from 5.5 up to 7 years and 5-6 years proceed. The scheme according to which this process proceeds at all children looks more or less equally.


1. Milk teeth which complete set grows usually by the end of the third year of life of the kid drop out as a rule, in the same sequence in which grew. The first in line are lower cutters. One day the child comes to parents with the message about a loose tooth. There is it because the second tooth begins to grow, freeing itself the road by pushing out of the dairy fellow.

2. Not all children manage to register the insignificant swaying becoming day by day more and more intensively. Some of them notice the loosened tooth when that hangs in a literal sense "on a thread", and sometimes at all imperceptibly lose zubik during the falling or nibble something firm, for example, apple or candy.

3. Children perceive change of teeth differently. Someone enjoys the next stage of growing. Someone anticipates a gift from the tooth fairy, a hare or a mouse - that magic being about whom parents, bringing a consolation prize for each lost tooth managed to tell it. Some kids, on the contrary, are frightened the changes happening to them, begin to worry and even to cry.

4. It is considered to be that the first milk tooth drops out on reaching the child of 6 years. But this very average value. In fact, it can occur both in 4 years, and in 7 years. At the same time children at whom the first teeth appeared in 3-4 months lose them before those who remained toothless up to 8 or even 10 months. If the milk tooth dropped out before achievement of 4 years by the kid, it is necessary to see urgently a doctor because such early loss is considered absolutely abnormal and can be a symptom of some serious disease. In the same way, if in a mouth nothing occurs and after the child was 8 years old, consultation of the stomatologist is necessary. Optional behind this phenomenon there is something bad, but to clear a situation, having made the panoramic picture of a jaw, nevertheless costs.

5. New teeth look much more largely dairy, have a gear comb on edge and can frighten slightly the owner or his parents. But there is no reason for concern. It is quite natural that adult teeth surpass nurseries in the sizes. At the time of emergence the tooth did not reach still the sizes, it should grow to them within the next year. At the same time it will move apart a jaw, inducing it to growth for this reason change of teeth drags on for several years. Each of the appearing beginners gradually finishes, taking the place intended to it by the nature that the equal and beautiful tooth alignment as a result turned out.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team