When at kids teeth begin to be cut through

When at kids teeth begin to be cut through

Emergence of the first dairy zubik in the kid – the real event for parents. It not only the joyful, but also interfaced to difficulties and tests, teeth are cut very painfully. What to do to parents how to alleviate suffering of the baby and what should be done after teeth are cut through?

Eruption process

It is possible to learn that your kid will become zubastenky soon even on his behavior. The child starts constantly anew to pull everything in a mouth, salivation increases, the behavior becomes more excitable. In certain cases temperature up to 40 degrees can even rise, be broken a chair. Usually these symptoms are shown by six-eight months though quite can be found earlier.

The first two lower central cutters, then two top, the side cutters following in line, canines and painters are cut (or chewing). Generally, process can be dragged out up to 2.5 — 3 years when the kid already has about twenty milk teeth.

Features of eruption

Most of parents expect this period with some caution and fear, not only the kid, but also mom with dad will suffer. However, at some teeth are cut absolutely without serious consequences, mom also will not manage to notice as in the child's mouth the first already appeared dairy zubik. The same who was not lucky so strongly can alleviate suffering of the child, using the special cooling gels, and in case of temperature increase even to give febrifugal means. Only anyway it is necessary to consult the pediatrician and to precisely follow the instruction of medicines. The safest option of simplification of weak pain – use of a special toy teether which can be bought in any pharmacy. In view of that the toy constantly will be in a mouth of the kid, it is necessary to wash it with warm water with soap from time to time not to bring microbes. Children during this period pull everything in a mouth, and it is worth looking attentively behind a condition of purity of hands, especially after the street or at contact with animals.

Prevention and care of teeth

And, at last, emergence of teeth, even dairy, obliges not to forget about their leaving. Regular cleaning or the latex brush which is put on a finger or a usual children's brush is obligatory. For schooling to toothbrushing it is possible to use warm boiled water in the beginning. The brush is immersed in it and the gum and teeth of the kid massage. Such procedure allows to remove a raid and to accustom the kid to a continence of a brush and hygiene of an oral cavity. At first the kid can begin to gnaw a brush, to be played by it, but it is absolutely normal. Over time he will learn to handle it correctly if to show it how it is necessary to do it. Parents - a fine example for imitation children. Concerning toothpaste the opinions of experts differ: someone supports, someone considers inexpedient. However, if parents decided to teach the baby to brush teeth with paste, then it is necessary to choose children's toothpaste which is semi-edible, so, at ingestion will not do harm to the child. Regular oral cavity care will save the kid from bottle caries, having allowed molars grow healthy and strong.

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