When children begin to speak

When children begin to speak

Each child is individual therefore it is impossible to tell unambiguously at what age he will say long-awaited "mom". However there is a number of the certain criteria allowing parents to control development.

Criteria of a speech development

Development of the child – the difficult individual process having a number of the certain criteria helping parents to watch possible deviations. Usually kids pronounce the first conscious word about one year, and at the age of 13-17 months are already able to change intonation and to consciously express the thoughts.

Experts claim that the lexicon of the two-year-old child has to make about 200 words. Since half a year, the baby can remember about 10 words a day therefore during this period with it it is necessary to be engaged actively. Aged from 2-3 years the consciousness of the kid allows it to speak about the preferences, thoughts and feelings. His speech becomes more difficult – it can easily support a conversation, using speech designs. The child with pleasure tells the age, name and also readily answers any requests.

By 36 months the lexicon of the baby extends approximately up to 300 words, it already connects verbs, nouns and adverbs, forming full offers. It can tell some time too quietly, or, on the contrary, is too loud - it needs to define optimum level of loudness of the speech. It is necessary to remember that each child has the features therefore insignificant deviations from the established norms are not a reason for concern.

Reason for concern

If by 10-12 months the child does not speak "the" language at all, does not respond addressed to and completely ignores addresses of adults – it means that parents should think of possible deviations. Also it is worth addressing the expert if at earlier age, mainly about 7-9 months, for the kid imitative game actions and reaction to simple verbal teams were not noticed. Happens that the baby is silent or murmurs in the language, but at the same time everything understands. Up to one and a half years it is not an obvious reason for concern, so its time did not come yet, the kid silently accumulates a lexicon pleasantly to surprise adults. It can be connected with the fact that parents at once implicitly execute any his commands, and need for it automatically vanishes. For example, the child lows, shows on a cup with water - and to him that hour is allowed to drink, the child lasts up – and mom takes it on hands. For this reason experts claim that the kids attending kindergarten are more adapted for the outside world, they learn to go to a pot quicker, to put on, speak independently, etc.

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