When it is better to do the test for pregnancy

When it is better to do the test for pregnancy

Interests all girls planning the birth of the kid when it is better to do the test for pregnancy to see treasured two stripes.


1. Most of producers of tests for definition of pregnancy recommend to carry out only to their mosla delays of the next monthly. At the same time in the instruction it is possible to see the recommendation of what I wet it is necessary to collect in the morning, but not in the afternoon or in the evening.

2. It is known that pregnancy can occur if the unprotected sexual intercourse was in day of an ovulation or a day before it. Further the impregnated ovum moves on a fallopian pipe within 5-10 days then there is an implantation - attachment of fetal egg to a uterus wall. After implantation in blood hormone of pregnancy of HGCh appears, at the same time its quantity daily doubles.

3. The test for pregnancy defines the maintenance of HGCh in the woman's urine, there the level of hormone is slightly lower, than in blood. This moment should be considered to choose the best moment for test. At the same time results of the testing held in the morning right after awakening will be more precisely, than indicators in the urine collected in the afternoon or in the evening as concentration of HGCh in morning urine is higher.

4. To learn when it is better to do the test for pregnancy, it is possible to carry out approximate calculations of growth of level of hormone of pregnancy.

5. If to take a test strip, in the instruction it is possible to see its sensitivity. At the usual test it makes 25 mUI. If the HGCh level exceeded this border, then the result of the analysis will be positive.

6. For our calculations we will take as a basis the test for pregnancy with sensitivity from 25 mUI. The test reacts to availability of hormone of pregnancy of HGCh in the woman's blood. At sensitivity from 25 mUI the test is capable to show positive result if in the woman's urine HGCh hormone exceeded this level

7. If to take the date of the unprotected sexual intercourse coinciding with day of an ovulation for a reference point and to take for calculation average of days before implantation, then it is possible to assume that approximately for the seventh day the maintenance of HGCh in blood increased to 2 mUI. Then for the eleventh day after an ovulation its quantity will increase to 36 mUI and only this day the test can show pregnancy existence.

8. Most likely, the second strip on the test will be weak as less hormone of pregnancy is thrown out urine, and the calculated figure will hardly hold on to a level of sensitivity of the test.

9. At the average woman the ovulation occurs in 14 days prior to the beginning of the next periods. Thus, the test for pregnancy can be positive even in 3 days prior to a delay.

10. But if implantation was late, and fetal egg was attached only for the tenth day, then positive the test will be only after a delay of menstruation.

11. Now on sale it is possible to meet more sensitive test strips. Therefore, answering a question when it is better to do such test for pregnancies, it is possible to note that it is possible to define presence of future kid in a tummy at the girl to a delay.

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