When it is necessary to buy a carriage

When it is necessary to buy a carriage

The carriage is one of the main elements of a dowry for the kid as since the birth he will need to carry out in the fresh air enough time. In spite of the fact that baby slings and other similar devices provide to mom big freedom of action, in a carriage quieter and healthy sleep is provided to the child during walks.

For the kid it is necessary to approach the choice of the first carriage with all responsibility to provide to the newborn comfort and convenience. There is a great number of opponents of purchase of a dowry for the kid till his birth. Their main argument is that it is considered a bad sign and can negatively affect life or health of the baby. Think whether you are ready to be engaged in purchase of a carriage and other things necessary for the child at first after an extract. For certain you will have a set of another urgent matters.

The superstitious person should choose in this situation a certain model of a carriage in advance and to agree about that it was brought in the first days after the child's birth. If you do not trust in signs and, moreover, consider that there is nothing terrible in purchase of a carriage, already former some time in the use, attend to a question of the choice in advance, regularly checking announcements of sale. Carriages cradles which act as the first transport for the kid are used not so long, and in most cases keep excellent condition. Purchase "from hands" a qualitative cradle of the known global manufacturer will help to save to you to a half of cost of a new carriage.

At the age of 6-8 months when the kid already learned to sit independently, it is possible to get a stroller to give to the child an opportunity to consider the world around. If necessary the back of a carriage can be given to the situation close to horizontal easily. The stroller can be used also since the birth if the kid was born in the spring and summer period or temperature conditions allow to use it all the year round. In this case, to provide the most horizontal position, under a back of the child it is enclosed firm matrasik. But it must be kept in mind that for a weak backbone of the newborn nevertheless the carriage cradle remains the safest option. If you plan a joint holiday with the child who already was 1.5 years old, it is possible to get the carriage cane representing the facilitated stroller option. Easy and compact, they are irreplaceable at distant trips or shopping. It is possible to do without cane in case already available stroller belongs to the facilitated spring and summer type, and its weight completely suits you.

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