When it is possible to bathe the newborn

When it is possible to bathe the newborn

The first bathing of the child - very disturbing procedure. Some parents do not want to bathe the kid until at him the umbilical wound does not heal or yet the therapist will not allow. The last, of course, needs to obey, but on many questions of opinion of workers of medicine differ. An exception is not also the problem of the first bathing.

Children love water, it weakens, calms, well acts on health. It is better to bathe the child only every day even if at him the umbilical wound not up to the end healed. Do it at the same time, it is the best of all before feeding, then the child will associate a bathtub with pleasant end of day, will begin to calm down and fall asleep quicker.

When to bathe the child

It is not necessary to be afraid of the first bathing of the kid. If to observe some recommendations, the child can be washed in the first day after an extract. For this purpose it is necessary to consult to the doctor in maternity hospital and the nobility when vaccination was done against tuberculosis. If it is done before the extract - you will be able to bath the child only in a day if earlier - after arrival home it is possible to make a bathtub at once.

In parents there should not be a fear and uncertainty, otherwise they will be given also to the child, then the first acquaintance to water can take place for it not so successfully: the kid will be clamped, and subsequently he can have a strong fear of bathing. Whereas water is Wednesday, habitual for it, not for nothing claim that small children perfectly are able to swim, do not sink and do not begin to swallow convulsively of water, risking to choke.

As it is correct to bathe the kid

Some skilled parents and doctors advise mothers not to bathe, and to do rubdowns of a body of the kid until the umbilical wound heals. In principle, such councils are not absolutely groundless, especially, if there is a risk to bring an infection when healing takes place not absolutely well. However finally the wound will drag on only for 10-18 day of life and to be left without bathtub all this time to the child too difficult. Present yourself in its provision, especially if outside the window hot weather. Therefore there will be nothing terrible in if all of you decide to make a bathtub. For this purpose prepare the boiled water heated to 37-38os, in such water it is necessary to bathe the child all that time while heals pupochek. Add several drops of potassium permanganate that water was painted in gentle-pink color to a bathtub. Now it is completely disinfected and will not do much harm to the kid, even at hit in a wound. In the first bathing of the child it is necessary to wash with children's soap, and later it is necessary to alternate to plain water - to soap several times a week, and in the rest of the time it is simple to water a body the kid. To age in 20 days strictly follow the rules of preparation of a bathtub, it will be possible not to boil water later any more, to add to it a grass for relaxation and aroma. In winter season if houses cool, alternate bathings to rubdowns of a body warm water.

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