When it is possible to give banana to the child

When it is possible to give banana to the child

Thanks to availability and the low price, bananas left the list of exotic fruit for a long time. They are nutritious and practically do not cause allergies. Banana has gentle cellulose and belongs to easily acquired fruit. Therefore pulp of fruit is recommended to enter into the menu of the kid from 6–8 months. And heat treatment of pulp steam is not obligatory at all.


1. It is not desirable to enter banana into the first feeding up. Having tasted this sweet fruit, the child can refuse such healthy food as vegetable purees and porridges. Therefore babies and kids about one year can give banana in small amounts.

2. Fruit has to be completely ripened. Such banana has a peel of uniform yellow color. And small brown specks testify to the maximum maturity. It is necessary to enter it into the menu gradually.

3. Well mash pulp a fork. If gruel turned out dense it is possible to add milk. Give to the child literally half of spoons of this gruel. Track reaction of an organism. If there is no rash, red spots, a loose stool, it is possible to increase portions of a banana dessert.

4. Pulp of banana is rich with cellulose, vitamins of group B and C and also minerals, so necessary for a children's organism. The V-complex is very important for normalization of functions of nervous system, promotes improvement of a dream and relaxation. Potassium and magnesium are necessary for strengthening and development of heart, vessels and muscle tissue. Iron, improving composition of blood, prevents anemia. Gentle cellulose of banana does not irritate mucous a digestive tract and is good prevention of locks at the kid.

5. During growth and development the children's organism intensively spends energy. To fill power expenses of the child, in a diet there have to be useful carbohydrates in enough. Such carbohydrates contain in bananas. These are various sugar and pectins.

6. Banana is considered hypoallergenic fruit and does not cause allergic reactions in the bulk of kids. But in certain cases such reaction can be shown. Responsible – serotonin which is produced in an organism at consumption of bananas. It causes allergic reactions in some children. Therefore it is so important to begin a feeding up with the smallest doses and to watch that as the organism of the baby reacts.

7. Some pediatricians speak against introduction of bananas to a diet of babies, allowing this fruit to children only since three years. It is reasoned with the fact that in a human body the program on assimilation of products of that climatic zone in which he lives is genetically put.

8. The system of digestion at the child is completely not created, it is difficult for it to adapt under new. Therefore the organism can answer with allergic reaction to introduction of this subtropical fruit. If you had doubts to give banana to the child or not, then consult with the doctor observing the kid. It will help to determine precisely safe terms of introduction of bananas to a feeding up.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team