When it is time to move the child to the separate room

When it is time to move the child to the separate room

The nursery for the child – not just the room where he sleeps, plays, studies; the room where its things, toys and books are stored. It is its world in which he feels like not only the owner, but also the creator. It is unconditional, good when there is an opportunity to allocate to the child the separate room, but to make it it is necessary in time.

From the birth about one year

The newborn child is still too strongly connected with mom, for him in the first months of life it is still too important to feel its breath, heartbeat, began to smell. And mom after nine months of pregnancy still is, as a rule, not ready to separate from the kid. Therefore, the more time mother and the child will see off in close proximity from each other, the their emotional state will be quieter and more stable, so, the it will be better to undergo initial mental, emotional and physical development of the baby.

Here therefore it does not make sense to place the newborn in the separate room. Even if mom will use the radio nurse always to hear the child, she will not be able instantly to react to signals which the kid will give it. The baby separated from mom will feel not comfortably and for the woman the placement of the child to the separate room will turn into a problem rather, than will present minutes of additional rest and rest.

Of a year to three

At this age the separate room if is necessary to the child, then only for games and the developing classes. During this period to use the nursery as the special place in which to the child will play conveniently and safely where his toys, quite reasonably will be stored. But also at this age "to move" the child to the certain room of need is not present. The child's dream still can be interrupted by feedings, especially if the kid is on breastfeeding and the needs for personal space at the kid are not so big: he feels near adults much more surely.

From three to seven

When to the child it is executed three, there comes so-called "crisis of three years" when the kid for the first time realizes himself as the individual, begins to show independence. It has first own interests, there is a requirement sometimes to retire. Here at this age the child is already ready to developing the separate room and to perceive it as personal space. Three years – the minimum age when it is reasonable for child to allocate the room. Of course, adults will keep still order in it, to organize space at discretion, but than the child becomes more senior, especially he takes active part in this process, and it is normal. To school age the room of the child will already begin to be perceived by it as the personal territory, and intervention of parents in its improvement will be welcomed less and less.

School age

The child becomes more senior, the at him the need for personal space where he can be engaged without hindrances where it is possible to invite friends is shown stronger, it is simple to be alone. To teenage age the need for the certain room becomes a necessity, and parents should find an opportunity to allocate the certain room for the child even if it will seem not too simple business. So, if the family lives in the one-room apartment, it will be reasonable to designate territorially space on which the growing-up person will feel like the owner.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team