When milk teeth completely change

When milk teeth completely change

Process of eruption of molars happens less painfully, than dairy. However at the same time practically each child has feeling of discomfort. Serious indispositions – temperature, strong pain or bleeding of gums are in rare instances possible. Change of milk teeth on radical is a natural process of an organism.

When milk teeth change for radical

Process of change of milk teeth is individual. It begins during the different periods. Sometimes it even substantially drags on. The first molars are cut through, as a rule, closer by 5-6 years. At this particular time at most of children the loss of the lower cutters is observed. Completely teeth change closer by 10-12 years.

Treatment of milk teeth is performed without use of the drill. Special solution of silver is applied to protection of the injured or painful tooth.

Exception in this case are wisdom teeth which can be cut through at any age. Quite often adults suffer from it. It is considered that this process – one of the most painful. It can be followed by sharp temperature drops of a body, an acute pain and swelling of gums or cheeks.

It should be noted that milk teeth are formed not all. For the adult the existence of 32 teeth is considered norm, and at children of their 6-year age does not happen more than 20. Sometimes exceptions meet, but it is not a reason for concern. At some children the process of change of milk teeth begins in 4 years, however it does not mean yet that molars will grow quicker. Eruption can be prompt or for some time to slow down. If by 13-14 years the child still had milk teeth or radical do not hurry to appear on available seats, then it is necessary to consult with the expert. Sometimes milk teeth pull out forcibly. Especially it concerns those situations when the molar begins to grow "around" or under dairy.

Hygiene of an oral cavity during eruption of molars

Growth of teeth of the child should be controlled. Special attention should be paid to process of eruption of molars. Parents have to understand that all defects which will appear during this period can remain for the rest of life, and it will be much more difficult correct them at later age.

The pulpitis of milk teeth is treated by means of arsenical mixes. Application of a method of sealing in this case is excluded.

The correct hygiene of an oral cavity – an indispensable condition for growth of strong and healthy molars. The child should be accustomed to regular cleaning, to control morning and evening hygiene and also to periodically show the kid to experts. Loss of milk teeth is followed by injury of gums. Food can get to open wounds that will bring discomfort or painful feelings to the child. Besides, during this period the probability of receiving some types of infections is high. An optimum way of protection against diseases of gums is rinsing of an oral cavity special solutions or grass broths. Before their application it is better to consult with the children's stomatologist.

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