When the child has to sit down

When the child has to sit down

Whether can cause concern if the child in 8 months did not learn to sit down independently? Whether it is worth seating him if it still cannot exactly hold a back independently? Development of each child is individual, and disorders have to cause only concerns of the doctor.

As there is a learning of the child independently to sit down

By seven-eight months of the first year of life the kid makes the first attempts to sit down independently. It is easy to notice it on the fact that it strains a press, trying to raise the head.

It is impossible to force to sit the child at all, it can do much harm to his health.

Children at this age try to keep step with the toys hanging at them over the head, having strong seized mom by fingers of hands, tear off the back from a bed. Having learned to turn over dexterously, children begin to master a new way of observation: they want to see everything, having raised not only the head, but also a back. Some children try to sit down independently in six months, many master this skill by eight months. Depending on temperament of the child, his activity during the day and desire to learn quicker will sit to differ.

How to help the child to sit down

Play with the kid, roll him on a floor. Every day carry out exercises on strengthening of muscles of a neck, shoulders, backs. Show to the child as it is necessary to sit down. Help the kid to turn over on a stomach, then tighten legs to a stomach, forcing the baby to rise on all fours, from this situation it is worth making still it effort - to turn over and sit down on a bottom. Games on a floor allow the child to develop the large territory, than lying in a bed.

Show to the child as it is correct to sit down. If the kid is ready to master this skill, to it there will be enough one-two displays.

Floor on which the cozy rug is laid will be the ideal ground for gymnastics, massage and trainings on formation of new skill - independent sitting. The gymnastics and massage should be carried out in case the kid is ready for it: he got enough sleep, is fed and healthy. It is possible to begin with massage, then to pass to exercises. Massage of a back should be carried out, having laid the baby on a tummy, begin to pound accurately palmar side of a palm from the neck basis on all length of a back.

After that accurately you remember muscles of a neck and further along a backbone. Finish massage by stroking. As exercises, take the kid by hands, and slightly sip on yourself. The main thing – be not overzealous, everything has to become gradually. Perfectly also other exercises – different revolutions, inclinations will be suitable for formation of a bearing. Protect health of the child and do not force new events in his life!

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team