When the child needs to begin to brush teeth

When the child needs to begin to brush teeth

Emergence of the first tooth in the kid – the whole event in family life. From this point one more is added to cares of parents – to look after teeth of the child it is necessary to begin as soon as possible. The correct regular cleaning will help to avoid early caries, to keep health of rudiments of second teeth, to prevent the stomach diseases arising because of bad chewing of food.

When to begin?

It is necessary to look after a mouth of the child from the moment of emergence of the first tooth. Brushes and pastes are not necessary yet – rather softly to clean the child's mouth with the piece of bandage or a gauze moistened in boiled water or weak solution of soda. It is important not to frighten the kid and not to injure a gentle mucous membrane of gums not to cause in him fear of hygienic procedures.

When the number of teeth reaches six, it will be possible to get a special silicone brush with soft ledges bristles. Such brushes are put on the adult's finger, ledges not only clean dairy teeth, but also mass gums of the kid, killing irritation and pain from the cut teeth. It is the best of all to do cleaning after each meal and if there is no such opportunity, it is possible to clean the child's mouth with a piece of a gauze or a hygienic napkin.

There are special hygienic napkins intended for clarification of an oral cavity of absolutely small children – the adult wraps in a napkin a finger and accurately cleans gums and the internal surface of cheeks of the child.

When to the child year is executed, it will need already special small brush with a soft bristle. To kids parents clean teeth, since one and a half-two years it is possible to accustom the child to do it independently and regularly - not less than two times a day (in the morning after breakfast and in the evening before withdrawal for sleeping). It is also desirable to clean teeth or at least carefully to rinse a mouth after sweet and sticky food.

Choice of a brush and paste

Children's toothbrushes and pastes are selected according to age of the child. Now there is an opportunity to choose hygienic means even for absolutely small children who are not able to rinse a mouth yet – such pastes will not do harm to a stomach and will not cause allergies at ingestion. Nevertheless the amount of paste has to be small – no more, than the size of a children's nail.

Paste for the kid should not contain fluorine. Fluorinated pastes can be used from 5 years, and to 8-9 years the maintenance of this element in paste has to be lowered.

The toothbrush has to have small (no more than on two and a half teeth) a narrow head and the long convenient handle. To stimulate the interest of the child in cleaning, it is possible to choose a brush with the figured handle in the form of the hero of the favourite animated film, an animal or a toy, the main thing that it was easy and convenient to child to hold it. The easiest to accustom the child to regular cleaning by means of an example of parents. You should not hurry – to brush qualitatively teeth children study usually by six-seven years, before process needs to be controlled.

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