When the husband can hit the wife, it is normal?

When the husband can hit the wife, it is normal?

In the family relations there are quarrels when spouses row with each other and splash out the most negative emotions. Such situations for some women can end is very deplorable if the husband does not maintain and uses force.

Can hurt the woman, beat her with rage only the person of no character. In the nature of the man the tendency to aggression, besides, of the man much stronger physically is put. But to beat weaker being in the heat of a quarrel when both on emotions is not courageous behavior and not an indicator of strength of the man. So only pants which did not have forces and arguments for a dispute can arrive. The strong person will never touch the woman in such situation, he will stop a dispute, will become silent, will leave, having left a showdown for that time when both partners cool down and will begin to see things more adequately.

Inadmissible physical abuse

If the husband hit you - it is a bad signal, such behavior in the future can repeat, especially if the woman undertakes nothing. It is impossible to suffer a beating at all. Yes, on the following day responsible for a situation can regret, kiss hands and promise that similar will nevermore occur. But if such behavior was noticed not for the first time, then in the middle of the quarrel or in a state of intoxication the husband will surely forget all the promises, and physical abuse will repeat again. It is necessary to contact police, and, kind of strongly you did not love the man, to leave him forever.

Justified measures

However there are cases which psychologists call justificatory for use of force concerning the woman. First of all, it is slap in the face. It is considered a female method of a showdown, but if the woman can apply it in relation to the man, then and to it similar is allowed. The slap in the face is applied in case the woman made something shameful for it or family: changed with other man, endangered itself or the child or made some frank and dangerous nonsense. In this case nobody will begin to accuse the man for slap in the face.

Playful way

Other case of use of force in relation to the woman – by agreement, in anticipation of intimate caress or during them. Such physical impact is usually applied in a soft form: slaps a hand or other objects can perfectly excite both partners. If the man in a bed hints that for him such behavior is pleasant and brings more satisfaction – you should try and agree with his desires. So you satisfy the partner and will bring a variety your intimate relations.

As punishment

However, physical impact in marriage is applied not always with sexual implication. It can be the stipulated measure for punishment. Both of you are adults, to apply physical punishments at mature age a little strange, but it is not forbidden as it has to be in a case with children. Some husbands consider it the most effective method for education of wives, much the best, than quarrels, scandals or partings. To agree or not to agree to similar measures only the woman can solve, any violence in relation to her has to be excluded.

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