When the relations sputter out

When the relations sputter out

How to understand that time spent with other person came to an end, the relations sputtered out and do not develop any more? And the main thing – what to do if this understanding already appeared?

Sometimes it seems that the love at first sight really exists, but then becomes clear that people simply "did not get on together". As to avoid the person of a state, traumatic for mentality, and in time to break off bonds which any more give nothing to partners? First of all it is necessary to understand that can be the serious cause for parting, household problems and problems of habits are solved for both parties. Certainly, each person has habits and rules by which he lives, – it does us to a degree different. Therefore you should not foment the conflict because of different views on a thing. However there are things which signal that really it is time to finish the relations.

Boringly together

Of course, all life cannot be the holiday consisting of everyday romanticism and fun, but if suddenly partners felt boredom, it is not a reason for parting, it is only an occasion to open new sides of the soulmate. But if it becomes constant and insufferably boring with your partner, there is nothing to talk, there is nothing to keep silent, - it is the best of all to stop such relations.

Intimate life

Often the dissatisfaction of one of partners in sex also leads to the unstable relations in the future. Here can play a role and physiological features, and psychological. It is worth meaning that a difference of temperaments – not always an irreparable problem. With age the level of temperament changes both at men, and at women. Besides, at high degree of mutual trust the majority of problems in this sphere is solvable. However if one of partners or both are not ready to discuss, make concessions and to look for "common ground" in the intimate sphere, sooner or later the sexual dissatisfaction will result in tension of the relations, possible unfaithfulness, discontent with each other.

Absolute indifference

Partners ceased to speak with each other, avoid contacts, stop thinking about each other. The most terrible that can happen to the person, – indifference. Joy at a meeting, tears from pain which was caused by other person or even rage – all this says that people are each other not indifferent. Indifference – the most important factor of parting of the man and woman.

What's next?

If the relations sputtered out, two persons took from each other everything that could, and further development is impossible, it is very important to realize it in time and to release each other with gratitude. There is no sense to be engaged in mutual recriminations and reproaches is not structurally and will not bring and to what good. If two persons were together some time, so they were necessary each other during this period – and, besides, so they were rather good for each other. And it means that experience of last relations was useful to both.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team