When there is a crisis of the family relations

When there is a crisis of the family relations

The family relations are under construction on continuous interaction of spouses and children among themselves. Of course, in joint life it is impossible to do without quarrels, the conflicts and a showdown. Sometimes, that the collecting misunderstanding of partners leads to crisis.


1. In human life since early childhood there are crises, and joint life with the partner in marriage is not an exception - only now crises overtake already two people. Will consider a mistake however crisis by something absolutely negative: crisis is a search of a new way of development when the old type of the relations already sputtered out. Therefore if partners cope with crisis, it adds new sense to their life, often they begin to love and respect each other even more. When partners do not want or have not the power any more to cope with the next crisis, they disperse.

2. It is very simple to reveal crisis: if your communication, the sexual relations ceased to satisfy you if you constantly quarrel, you accuse each other and do not know how to overcome this state, then you have definitely a crisis of the family relations. Psychologists allocate a set of the reasons of family crises and those events which bring to them, breaking them into certain periods.

3. Crisis of two years - time, quite dangerous to marriage. On the one hand, spouses already so got used to each other that they begin to take off "pink glasses" gradually. They understand that strong love, feelings of intoxication the partner, does not have initial passion any more, and many take it for loss of love. On the other hand, people still insufficiently long lived together to begin to appreciate this union, to adhere to communication with other person. On this background often there are quarrels, especially, if the husband or the wife have other system of values or one of partners already wants the child, and the second is not ready to it yet if they have different concepts about career of each other. Anything can become a reason for quarrels. And there nearby and prior to a divorce.

4. The following crisis boundary - 3-4 years of cohabitation. By this time most of families has a child therefore all forces of mother focus on him. She physically does not have time to look after also the husband, even to find for it enough time in the evenings. If the woman does not let to the man to feel the father, the assistant, the strong personality, then he is discharged of family, feels the otioseness and uselessness. Besides, the child assumes additional load of mentality of both spouses. He not only brings joy, but also demands expenses, care, takes away all the time of parents. Not all from them maintain this period in a peace spirit.

5. Crisis of 6-7 years of joint life comes when in family relative tranquility and stability. Children grow, parents do career, everything is seemingly remarkable. However tranquility too not always well influences family relationship, especially if it is connected with the intimate sphere. During this period there is so big saturation by a body and habits of partners in a bed that nothing new occurs any more. There is a wish for a variety, passion, a new view on the relations. During this period couples a set of unfaithfulness, both spontaneous, and quite planned. It allows to bring a variety, romanticism the sexual sphere, again to feel desired. If the second partner understands and the spouse will forgive, crisis can be overcome. But if treason responds his heart pain for a long time, then there is a gap.

6. Crisis of 11-13 years often coincides with crisis of middle age therefore if the person is not satisfied with the achievements, it can pour out also in dissatisfaction with the soulmate. At this time many begin to estimate in a new way themselves, to look for new hobbies including among other people. Besides, spouses lived in marriage so long and saw about each other so a lot of things that to them happens not easy to wish something good for the husband or the wife.

7. Crisis of 20 years still are called "a syndrome of the become empty nest". If all these years spouses lived together only because of children, suffered misunderstanding and troubles that children were not upset, then at this moment there comes a peculiar payment for the unresolved conflicts. Children already grew up, they begin independent life. At this moment to parents becomes there is nobody to keep, and they disperse after so many years together.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team