When to acquaint the kid with pencils and paints

When to acquaint the kid with pencils and paints

How you think from what age it is possible to be engaged with children in drawing? From two or since three years? Approximately since then, when the kid begins to sit and show surely interest in everything around. Do you want to master early drawing? Read further!

"And where to hurry?" – the reader loving an order in the house and the child's food will ask. It is simple to guess that paints at this age can appear not only on paper, but also on walls and even in a mouth. I hurry to assure that an exit is available, and the advantage of drawing is worth it - it is also development of thinking, imagination, memory, fine motor skills, a sensorika, creation of creative contact with mom (or dad), a possibility of self-expression, awakening of creative potential and just pleasant way to spend time.

If I managed to convince you, then start purchase or creation of materials for your "studio":

- clothes which are not a pity for soiling;

- big sheets of paper or the remains from a roll with wall-paper (reverse side);

- finger-type paints / gouache / self-made paints from natural ingredients;

- soft bright wax crayons;

- an adhesive tape if you plan to attach paper vertically;

- dry rag;

- wet towel wipes;

- covers or flat tanks for paints.

Later you can gradually expand the range of art tools, and for a start you will have enough also it.

For those who do not want to contact tasting of purchased paint there is a way of preparation of house. However do not accustom and – let the child gets used to her eating that paints are inedible. Wonderful mix so cooks:

On a glass of water we add one and a half tablespoons of starch and we cook kissel. After cooling we display mix on small tanks and we add dyes: natural juice - carrot, garnet, a red cabbage or any other.

Do not forget about how the correct emotional spirit of the pupil and mentor is important. Choose time when the child got enough sleep, gorged on and wants to play. Desire of the kid strongly depends on the first impressions (and parents) to continue drawing.

Prepare all necessary not to distract already in process. Call what you are going to do, change clothes (if in the room heat and a surface on which the child, rather warm will sit then it is possible to be engaged even in the naked child or in a diaper), arrange the sheet of paper on a floor, on a table or attach it to a wall and start.

Of course, the six-month child will not draw your portrait and will not even please you with the crooked sun. The best that waits for you, is magic dance from lines and spots. Creativity in its original state.

Paints and pencils are interesting to the kid, they are new to him. It is interesting to touch and examine them, but what also paper it is possible to soil with them clear not at once. Show how paint leaves a mark on a blank sheet. Represent couple of lines and points. Most likely, the kid will follow your example. Paint can be botched blots on paper or to pour in small lids in which it is convenient to climb handles.

Call colors which you use. For a start 1-2 colors, for example green and yellow undertake, and a variety is welcomed later, the child begins to choose favourite coloring.

And here the first masterpieces are ready. Do not tighten occupation. Some psychologists recommend to begin to be engaged on several minutes daily, others advise 10-15 minutes several times a week. Be guided by the artist, by his behavior and mood.

Cleaning and washing will be the final stage. It is better to prepare a bathtub in advance and to properly wash the young painter there. Some, however, in the bathroom also draw.

Surely you praise each picture, hang up them on walls, show to relatives. It is important to kid to see your positive reaction to result of its work.

Do not wait in drawings of fast emergence of lodges and kitties, they will grow there much later. Just enjoy process and abstraction. Bring special the daddy for the first works.

You do not seek to grow up the genius – the most important to bring up the happy person. Joint drawing, without shelving, will present you minutes of feeling of harmony and joy. 

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team