When to begin to add the child

When to begin to add the child

With the advent of the chest kid in the house, owing to lack of due experience, dozens of questions, one of which, begin to torment parents: when it is possible to begin to add the baby? According to experienced pediatricians, you should not hurry this process at all. The child has to be physiologically ready to new position of a body. To teach the child to sit down early, of course, perhaps, but whether it will do harm to yet not strengthened organism?


1. Physically healthy child begins independent attempts of a prisazhivaniye approximately in 6 months. It is normal physiological age for the kid when the need for a sitting position is caused by desire to see the world around in a new way.

2. By the nature it is so conceived that the newborn is born with a direct backbone, respectively, to it the pose is natural "lying". By 2 — 3 months it has a requirement, lying on a tummy, to raise the head. Formation of a cervical bend begins with this period. The first attempts to sit down arise the next stage, usually it occurs in 4 — 6 months. At the same time the bend in chest department is formed. By 6 — 8 months the child does the first attempts to rise on legs. This process forms bends in a backbone.

3. All these preparatory stages create future bearing. And it will be correctly formed, under a condition if the child gradually masters everything itself, without foreign intervention. Respectively stage-by-stage formation of a healthy backbone looks as follows: independent revolutions from a tummy on a back and back, attempt to kneel, crawling, attempt to sit down, to rise and go. Thanks to such timeliness of actions of a muscle considerably become stronger, forming a corset, both, gradually, muscular and bone systems will be completely ready to that the child himself sat down and went.

4. If the tot tries to sit down independently, it means that thorax muscles, along a backbone and in the field of an abdominal press are rather created that the child could sit directly without additional support. Thus, age of the 6-month-old kid the most optimum time to start a prisazhivaniye.

5. In certain cases parents seek to seat the child as soon as possible and begin training process nearly from 4 months. Such attempts can lead to serious problems at teenage age, for example, to scoliosis and other types of a curvature of a backbone. For girls the early prisazhivaniye threatens with a curvature of bones of a small pelvis that can serve as the cause of difficulties during patrimonial process.

6. There are moments when for any reason the kid to the put term does not do attempts to sit down. In case the child is healthy, he does not observe symptoms of rickets, diseases of nervous system and another, influencing this process factors, then parents should pay more attention to physical data of the kid. Excess weight and friable weight can become the objective reason for unwillingness and impossibility to sit down most. Therefore parents need to address the expert who will conduct a course of massage or will show to parents as it is correct to carry out physiotherapy exercises.

7. During the classes it will be possible to seat the child on a firm surface, carrying out this exercise by a raising for handles through a flank, giving to the kid most, without support to sit several seconds. Gradually the interval needs to be increased, controlling a situation that the child did not fall, but also not especially helping.

8. You should not force events. It is necessary to wait for suitable age and at the same time to pay attention to readiness of the baby for a usazhivaniye.

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