When to begin to lure the child

At last came it is time to enter a feeding up to the kid to acquaint and interest him in human food and to provide healthy rostra. It is convenient to nurse, of course, it is not necessary to take a steam bath in kitchen and to invent something and if you feed with mixes, then it is much easier to be involved in a children's feeding up.

When to begin to lure the child

The best time is from 6 months since the stomach of the kid is ready to receipt of other types of food. But your pediatrician or the grandmother can tell that it is necessary to enter a feeding up from 4 months, and to follow this advice or not, to solve to you, but it is necessary to consider all facts pros and cons, and they are the following: you nurse or a small bottle, health of the child, his growth, requirements and your own reasons.

In 6 months the child is physiologically ready to meal, the pushing out reflex language gradually vanishes; also it organiz produces all necessary enzymes for digestion of various vegetable products.

When feeding by a breast in time put to the beginning of introduction of a feeding up, many mothers ask a question what to begin with. It is not necessary to subtilize especially here, to invent the bicycle too. Begin with harmless and simple products which are eaten by mom, for example, of cottage cheese or kefir. Only prepare these products for the kid — make liquid (for cottage cheese relevant, kefir already liquid).

Still the feeding up is begun with vegetable purees from a brokolla, a squash. The main thing is to begin with something one and to monitor reaction. Decoy should not give to the child about one year, in it a little useful and it interferes with digestion of calcium.

The child from a spoon tried, licked also everything, do not hope that he will eat more, and - do not push the main thing to it violently, but whenever possible increase every day a dose of spoons of food that it was possible to replace one full feeding with a breast. After the 7th month it is possible to give broths and low-fat meat soups, for example, you eat soup, pour to it in a personal plateau, cool if it is necessary, a fork mash potatoes, meat and offer the child.

When you begin to give to the child usual food, he the child does not want to eat or drink from a small bottle, only a breast. Therefore important regularly to accustom (not to be lazy and do every day) such child to food, differently there will be problems later. Why? Yes because milk at mom in one wonderful day can cease to be developed or it will be less of it; and therefore that the child needs all types of products, they contain necessary minerals, minerals, vitamins.

Why the child refuses a feeding up, it is so necessary. Perhaps because you give not those products? My child categorically turned away from artificial milk and artificial porridges, but ate borsch, chicken soup, and those products with interest that is eaten by me. When you eat something, too it and is interesting to the child and he will eat together with you. 

At introduction of a feeding up main thing:

  • To begin with one type of a product and to give also a semi-fluid look.
  • To monitor reaction to this product.
  • To miss one feeding by a breast, but not to stop!
  • After the 7th month to enter meat and a yolk into a diet.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team