When to begin to put the child on legs

When to begin to put the child on legs

There is a set of opinions on when it is possible to begin to put the child on legs. The moment when it is necessary to teach the kid to stand, depends on a set of factors which features of development of the child and state of his health are among.


1. Many young parents incline that the kid should be put on legs only when he begins to show to it interest. Therapists and orthopedists in many respects support this opinion, saying that you should not hurry in this case. For a weak backbone of the child too early setting on legs is excessively big loading which can cause a set of dangerous diseases, including, provoke development of rickets.

2. Some experts claim that you should not put the child on legs up to 10 months, others say that already from six-month-old age it is possible to begin to put the kid in vertical position. The unambiguous opinion here still does not exist, however until at the kid the backbone and a basin is created, it is not desirable. Here, of course, everything depends on features of development of the kid.

3. After four months it is possible to begin to do with the child exercises on strengthening of the musculoskeletal device, previously having consulted with the expert. One of such exercises consists in serial pandiculation. It is necessary to put the kid on a back and to carefully attract an elbow of his right hand to a knee of the left leg, then to do the same with the left hand and the right leg. Such simple occupation will help to develop coordination. Duration and regularity of carrying out exercises should be specified at the expert.

4. At a hyper tone of muscles some children make attempts to get up before six-month-old age. Such kids, without having learned to sit independently yet, already try to accept vertical position. This very dangerous phenomenon which can cause deformation of feet. If you noticed such trend for the child, try to distract him, without allowing to accept vertical position. Support the child so that loading from his weight did not fall on legs.

5. During the massage sessions the doctors often replace and for some time put children on legs. So experts check, how correctly there takes place physical development of kids. You should not repeat such manipulations independently. In the absence of due knowledge and experience you can simply do much harm to the child.

6. To prepare the child for setting on legs, it is regularly necessary to mass to him feet. It will allow to strengthen muscles and to prepare the kid for the forthcoming loadings. Such massage consists in careful stroking of feet and shuffle of fingers.

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