When to begin to walk with the newborn

When to begin to walk with the newborn

Walks are necessary for the kid that he could breathe fresh air and receive vitamin D. When to go with the newborn to the first walk, depends both on a condition of the kid and mom, and on weather outside the window.


1. If on the street the warm dry weather, mom and the kid feel well, then it is possible to go to the first walk right after discharge from maternity hospital. Often after the delivery to the woman impose seams, and, perhaps, you had a Cesarean section, then, first of all, estimate the condition. The weight of a carriage cradle can reach 20 kg, and often during walk mom should lift a carriage together with the child when on its way the ladder or high a border meets. If you are not able to carry such weights yet, you should not hurry to walk on the street.

2. It is not recommended to leave the house with the child within 2 weeks after the delivery in the winter. In the first month of life of the child the pediatricians recommend not to walk with the baby if air temperature is lower than-15 degrees in the absence of wind and lower than-10 at windy weather. These days it is possible to organize festivities on the balcony. Dress the child, place him in a carriage and open a balcony window. Put a carriage so that in the face of the kid the wind did not blow and snow did not fall. If you have no balcony, it is possible to walk with the kid in the room. Dress the kid and yourself and open a window. It is desirable to use the separate room as air indoors will be for a long time cold for such walks.

3. Choose for walks in the hot summer morning or evening hours when air temperature is most comfortable. During the periods of an extreme heat it is better to refuse festivities. To the child several weeks will be much more useful to be in the apartment with comfortable air temperature, than to walk in the heated city.

4. In the spring and in the fall the first walks can be made in 2 weeks after appearance of the kid on light. Rainy weather - not an occasion to stay at home since damp air is useful to the kid. Mom should think over in advance in what she will walk not to get wet and also to buy a raincoat for a carriage. If outside the window a thunderstorm, heavy rain or strong wind, walk it is necessary to postpone for other time or to transfer next day.

5. For the first festivities there will be enough also 10-15 minutes. But if the child fell asleep, and you are sure that the kid does not freeze, can wait for his awakening, and only then go home. Further duration of walks should be increased so that by 1-1.5 months of life of the child he was on the street for 1.5-2 hours. During a rain or hard frosts it will be difficult to mom to walk so long. If you froze or got wet, go home, first of all, the kid needs healthy mom.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team