When to enter an egg yolk and cottage cheese

When to enter an egg yolk and cottage cheese

With introduction of a feeding up at mom difficulties can begin. If before the child just sucked a breast and was full, then now it is necessary to weigh carefully portions and to regularly check reaction to a new product. Mame, whose kid is artificial feeding, it is a little easier to enter cottage cheese and an egg yolk into its diet as she already knows whether it has a tendency to an allergy.


1. Some parents hurry with introduction of dairy products to a feeding up as consider that they cannot do much harm to the child. But at first the stomach of the baby has to get used to the fruit and vegetable purees and liquid squashes entered from 6-7 months. And the yolk and cottage cheese in a feeding up appear a little later – in 8-9 months.

2. Mom of the baby bottle-fed baby can enter cottage cheese into its diet in 8 months, and here babies need to give it a little later – from ninth month. If to make it earlier, problems with pressure and metabolism can begin. Besides, it is necessary to choose carefully dairy product as usual cottage cheese too heavy for a gentle stomach of the baby.

3. The first acquaintance of the kid to cottage cheese needs to be begun with a tiny portion – 2-3 g. If no negative reaction in a day follows, it is possible to give to the child still the same portion of cottage cheese. It is necessary to increase a dose gradually, approximately on 2 g a day, bringing it to two tablespoons in 2-3 weeks. And after a year it is possible to give to the child 3-4 tablespoons of cottage cheese a day.

4. If you have no opportunity to buy cottage cheese in children's dairy kitchen, it is necessary to make it independently, or to buy special children's cottage cheese. But it is impossible to give to the child the "adult" fermented milk product from supermarket having more dense consistence at all.

5. Often children refuse to eat cottage cheese in pure form. In that case it is worth mixing it with fruit or berry puree. That mass was homogeneous, it is necessary to mix it in the blender with a small amount of berries and sour creams.

6. It is more difficult to enter an egg yolk into the menu of the child. As it is an allergenic product, it needs to be given separately or with the checked single-component dishes, for example, porridges.

7. It is worth entering an egg yolk in 9-10 months, but not earlier. The safest is the quail yolk. It is necessary to give it according to such scheme – the first 10 days (on condition of lack of allergic reaction) – by the sixth part. The next 10 days – on a quarter, then - on a half.

8. Only after one month of the use it is worth mixing a yolk with multicomponent dishes – soups, puree, etc. The whole egg can be given not earlier than a year.

9. As well as in a case with cottage cheese, the yolk is not always to the taste to the small child. To enter this product into a feeding up, it needs to be kneaded together with other components – vegetables or a squash. If just to strew with a yolk crumb the cooked grain or puree, the child can distinguish unusual taste and will refuse to eat.

10. The egg yolk and cottage cheese in a feeding up of the child are very important. However it is worth having patience before the child gets used to their taste.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team