When to give to the child of egg

When to give to the child of egg

Many young mothers, as a rule, are interested in questions from what age it is possible to enter any given products into a food allowance of the kid. The set of a controversy is caused by feeding of the child eggs.

People know well that with growth of the child it has a need for new products. The first with which the kid gets acquainted are vegetables and fruit. With introduction of a feeding up the amount of the consumed maternal milk or mixes decreases, and, respectively, also the amount of the consumed proteins decreases. Therefore before mothers there is such question: what it is possible to fill a lack of proteins with? Eggs can help with it.

Except proteins, eggs contain many minerals, useful to an organism, an exception is only cholesterol.

Advantage and harm of eggs for a children's organism

The answer to a question of at what age to enter egg into a feeding up, is not unambiguous, opinions of experts very strongly differ. Estimated terms of introduction of eggs to a diet of the kid vary from three months to a year. It is connected with the fact that eggs are a strongest allergen. And all mothers have to remember it. Allergic reaction to eggs, most often, is shown in the form of rashes on skin which are usually shelled. And if in family the hereditary allergy is observed, then you should not hurry with introduction of eggs to a feeding up.

In that case eggs should begin to be given since eight months.

As the first egg feeding up it is worth using only a yolk because protein is the main allergen. It can be entered only since a year, and it is better since one and a half years.

Introduction of eggs to the child's feeding up

It is the best of all to enter egg into a feeding up when to the child half a year is executed. For the first time it is worth giving to the kid not enough yolk (to define whether it has an allergy to a yolk), it is the best of all to part a yolk with breast milk or dairy mix with which you feed the kid. Subsequently the child can give daily on a quarter of an egg yolk. Eggs for feeding of children have to be well boiled thoroughly, it is impossible to give to children of egg at all, light-boiled because such eggs more allergens, and them are badly digested by a children's stomach. Besides, there is a risk of infection with salmonellosis which is deadly to a children's organism. Best of all as a feeding up to use quail eggs because, first, quails have no salmonellosis, and, secondly, in these eggs there are no allergens. Since a year it is possible to diversify the kids menu, except a yolk the child can give steam omelets, to mix eggs with pasta, to cook various casseroles and cheesecakes. But even if your kid just adores eggs, you should not forget that the child can give no more than three eggs a week because in a yolk of eggs there is a cholesterol.

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