When to give to the child vegetable and fruit puree

When to give to the child vegetable and fruit puree

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From the beginning of a feeding up the parents have a mass of questions of with what to feed the kid and at what age. A time of mom and dad doubt when to give to the child of puree from vegetables and fruit.

The first feeding up: when to give to the child vegetable puree

Only several decades ago not vegetables were the first feeding up with which pediatricians recommended to begin at all. Acquaintance to new tastes was begun with juice which gave nearly after the first month of life. Today the point of view of doctors changed and it is considered that breast milk or the adapted mixes fully provide all requirements of an organism of the kid that allows not to overload his digestive system with the concentrated juice. Therefore now the feeding up is begun with vegetables, fruit or porridges.

The vegetable feeding up is recommended to those children who have no problems with a set of weight as at its shortcoming the first in the menu add some porridge. Vegetables puree should be given not earlier, than the child will be 4 months old, and for the kids who are on breastfeeding, this time can be quietly postponed also about half a year. As the first choose the least allergenic vegetables which the squash and cabbage of broccoli or color concern.

It is not necessary to perceive all recommendations about input of any given vegetables literally as needs of the kid are best of all only his mom and the attending physician whose opinion on a feeding up is based on knowledge of features of health can know.

When to give to the child fruit puree

In the principle to begin a feeding up it is possible also from fruit. For this purpose perfectly apples and pears approach. But the complexity is that after sweet taste of these fruits not all children eat a neutral squash or cabbage with pleasure. As for terms of acquaintance to fruit, they are similar to the fact that they are taken away also for vegetables, that is before achievement of 4 months by the child it is possible not to hurry. And, unlike vegetables, fruit are given in much smaller quantity therefore it is much more convenient to give them not in pure form, and as addition to other dishes, at first to porridges, and then and to cottage cheese.

For allergenic fruit like citrus or red berries later terms of introduction to a diet are established and about half a year it is not necessary to hurry with them even if the child is not inclined to an allergy.

Store or home-made puree: merits and demerits

Many consider that on the quality the puree made by hands of the loving mom cannot be compared to store, nobody knows that he in fact lies in jars and all technologies are how observed. But it not absolutely so. Production of baby food is controlled tightly and if to compare it to house, then the last can be in the lead only in case is made of the fruits which are grown up on own kitchen garden and prepared during a season of their growth. In the winter even own apples lose the majority of the properties therefore advantage is on the party of manufacturing.

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