When to put the child to sleep

When to put the child to sleep

In life of the small child not only the healthy food, but also the correct schedule and a day regimen is of great importance therefore to put the kid it is daily necessary to bed at the same time.

When to train the child for sleeping

Duration of a dream of the child depends on age – of 18 o'clock the first two months; till 10 o'clock at night and 2 hours in the afternoon from 3 to 7 years. Naturally, each family has the time of rise which besides can change, and the child needs to be stacked when it has the necessary time for a full-fledged dream. For example, if the family is going to rise in 7 tomorrow, the five-year-old child needs to be laid no later than the 9th evening.

It must be kept in mind that norms of a dream for the child are approximate. That is, you should not force it to sleep and to awake especially earlier, than he woke up.

Norms – only a reference point for parents.

The child needs to be stacked when in family any noisy actions – reception of guests and so forth are not expected. It is difficult to restore the interrupted sleep of the kid. Before going to bed it is desirable to examine at least for a moment the room of the child – whether there were there no things which it can be necessary for you, and, having come for which, you risk to interrupt the child's sleep. It is important to track that all usual things of your child were made to a dream – if the child put to bed, will remember that he did not make something urgent and necessary to it, he will be difficult to be dissuaded and to lay difficult once again. It is desirable not to stack the adult, 7 years, the child till the sunset are more senior not to break its natural biorhythms. It is important to parents to know signs of exhaustion, drowsiness at the child, and at manifestation of these signs, it is better to lay the kid at once, without bringing it to reexhaustion.

It is important that any active occupation – outdoor games, acquaintance to new people and so forth, it was the share of the first half of day.

How to stack the child

The withdrawal ritual to rest is almost obligatory – the child has to know that dream time comes. It can be quiet evening walk, discussion with the child of a result of day – "what we made today what we learned today", and it is important to try not to point to negative incidents, a dinner which the child has to perceive as the last today I go, the fairy tale for the night, an obligatory farewell kiss and a wish good night. Long before before going to bed, hour for 2, it is desirable not to involve the child in outdoor games, are more useful silent, desktop, developing. The TV, even children's transfers, is before going to bed undesirable. The tone of a talk with the child for an hour before you put it to sleep, has to be quiet, weakening. The kid has to understand that his day approaches the end.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team