When to send the child to the camp

When to send the child to the camp

Summer – time of holidays, picnics, rest at water, trips to giving. For children this best season: ahead of the whole three months of summer vacation! Adults enjoy warm solar days too, but the vague feeling of concern haunts: what to occupy with child when he not at school? The thought of rest in the camp comes by itself.

At what age of the child it is possible to send to the children's camp?

Without a doubt, not the preschool child. Children up to 7 years are still strongly tied to the house, parents. Rest in the camp will turn back for them only suffering. Though the mode in the camp will remind very much kindergarten, nevertheless the kid will want to see the parents in the evening. And neither the noisy company of peers, nor attentive tutors will replace to it parental heat and participation.

In most cases children at the age of 8-10 years endure separation from the family too. However they already have an experience of a long absence of mom or dad (spending the night on a visit for relatives or friends without parents, the time spent with other family, so far parents at work), experience of school life (when there are no parents nearby). Therefore in the camp children of 8-10 years are ready to carrying out time psychologically. New experience will even be useful to them.

Children 11 are also more senior than years enter a new stage of growing. They become teenagers. At this age they can oppose themselves to parents. They want to be independent, in every possible way show "maturity" and self-confidence. Now they need not so much parents how many in communication with peers. And at the last want to be recognized. More than ever they need collective! The teenage period – the most favorable in order that the child carried out summer holiday in the camp.

Sending the child to the camp, do not forget to remind him of important rules of conduct and, the main thing, do not forget to tell it how you love it and as you will strongly miss. Your love will help it to cope with all difficulties.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team