When to transfer the kid to a single daytime sleep?

When to transfer the kid to a single daytime sleep?

Sometimes mothers of already slightly grown-up kid strongly suffer because of his inconvenient mode. At the same time many of them are not suspected that it is enough to transfer the kid from a double dream on single as everything rises on the places. How to understand that it is already time to do it?

Until transition to a single daytime sleep the regime of the kid changed rather spontaneously. Young mom should have adapted under the kid. Transition to one daytime sleep demands from mom of rather greater influence and activity. The kid hardly quietly and quickly to adjust to such mode. Therefore be ready to act and to somewhere endure temporary difficulties.

If age of your kid about a year, then it is possible to think: but whether it is time to change regime of the child? Of course, there is no accurate age norm when it is already time to pass to one daytime sleep. Some kids sleep two times and after a year. But the majority is passed to a single dream aged approximately by a year.

The kid keeps within for the night very late. In process of growing of the kid time of his wakefulness gradually increases. Therefore if he sleeps in the afternoon the second time around 17 (and someone and 19) o'clock in the evening, then withdrawal time for sleeping for the night is removed later and later. At first the child keeps within at 22 o'clock, then 23, and then at all at 12 in the night. For parents it becomes heavy. Mom herself already wants to sleep, dad in the morning for work. And the kid is full of strength and is not going to sleep. Be guided by the mode of life of the family. If for you it is personally heavy to keep within in the evening when the kid does it, then it is time to pass to one dream in the afternoon.

During transition to one dream in the afternoon in the morning to the child it will be heavy: it should reconstruct to be awake longer. Therefore be ready to displace morning walk and a lunch for a while a bit earlier. In the evening of the kid it is worth stacking early enough too – about 20 hours. At the same time if you noticed that in a couple of hours after laying to sleep for the night your kid wakes up, be ready already to go to bed to that moment. When the kid wakes up, he has to see either the sleeping parents or preparing for sleeping. Otherwise to put him will to bed extremely hard again.

Most likely, the single dream will be rather long. If the kid slept two times in the afternoon 40 minutes, then once he can sleep also 2-3 hours. Though it, of course, did not govern: each kid is individual. And the child will need time that the mode was set.

If you intend to transfer the kid to a single dream in the afternoon, then try to put him to bed full. On a hungry stomach the kid will oversleep less. It is better to feed the child not after a dream, and before.

First of all, be guided by the intuition and health of the kid. If you see that transition to a single daytime sleep is given too hard (he cries much, does not want to have dinner, etc.), then postpone change of its day regimen.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team