Where it is possible to give the child

Where it is possible to give the child

All-round development of your child requires additional education. The school gives only the general directions, and formation of abilities of the child is promoted by visit of various sections, circles, schools.


1. First of all find out what interests your child has. Talents can be pronounced already from preschool age. Watch the child, analyze results of his creative and educational activity. Note for yourself those directions in which your child achieves more successful results.

2. Surely ask the child whether he wants to attend additional classes. Development of abilities has to be supported with aspiration of the child. The result will depend in many respects on his desire to achieve bigger. Listen to his opinion.

3. Learn what schools of additional education, sections and circles are available in your city. Collect reviews of their work, teaching staff. As a key indicator – success of graduates. Also analyze the opportunity to regularly drive the child on circles. If necessary resort to the help of relatives or nurses.

4. Help the child with the choice of additional classes. If your kid is active, mobile and restless, then the sports school or section can become option. Their visit will help the child to splash out the energy which collected at school. Besides, sports classes will contribute to its physical development.

5. At tendency of your child to creative classes, offer him circles of needlework or art school. In them your child will have good opportunities for esthetic development. In addition, he will gain the basic knowledge necessary for further creative growth.

6. Send the child showing tendencies to playing musical instruments or to dances to music school. It will help with the choice of suitable office (esthetic, choral, tool or choreographic) and also to development of abilities of the child.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team