Where stories by children on vacation

Where stories by children on vacation

Vacation – time when parents and children can communicate more often with each other. Joint rest strengthens the relations in family, gives the chance to learn inner world of each family member. Besides, during vacation children can have a rest and be taken new impressions.


1. Think together with children as you will organize vacation. Consider option of a trip to the country or a travel to other country. If you decided to spend vacation in your city, then ask children where they would like to go. Long-awaited visit of any action will give more positive impressions.

2. Make the plan of visits. For this purpose study posters of your city. Together with children choose the most interesting to you actions. When scheduling vacation consider age of your children. Children of different age have different interests. Besides, each child has features (character, temperament, etc.). For example, walk in a zoo will be more interesting to the child of 5-6 years, and to the child is more senior – viewing the movie in a cinema hall.

3. Whenever possible plan as much as possible actions in the fresh air. It can be, for example, visit of the city park with attractions. In such place it will be interesting to children of any age. In addition, in the park there is a possibility of realization of physical activity of children.

4. Do not miss in the summer an opportunity to go with children to the beach. Besides rest, it will give the chance to train children in swimming and to repeat rules of safe behavior on water. Besides, you bring together children to the forest. Collecting mushrooms and berries will give them a lot of practical knowledge of the nature.

5. Find time for visit of the museums. After the excursion ask children that most of all was remembered by it. Such actions contribute to the development of cognitive interest of children. Same various exhibitions will help.

6. During winter vacation organize walk on the central square of your city or in the gardens. The snow town, the decorated fir-tree, various hills will present many festive emotions and will make vacation of children unforgettable.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team